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The Florida Lotto 6/53 holds official FLORIDA LOTTO drawings where six numbers out of 53 lottery numbers will be drawn at random. If your six chosen numbers match the six drawn winning lotto numbers in the official drawing for the date the game was played, you win the FLORIDA LOTTO jackpot. If you match any three, four or five of the drawn winning […]

Every person that plays the lottery Scratch Off games seriously dreams of the day that they may actually win the lottery in a big way. For all of you routine lotto Scratch Off Ticket players, what are you doing to make this dream happen? Are you using the free resources available to you that can help win in the lottery? If you are, you know […]

There are so many people who are fed up with lottery systems that are basically UN-Useable as advertised junk systems, such as Beat The Lotto,  Lottery Circle Software , Silver Lotto System, The Lotto Black Book, Lottery Method, Lotto Master Formula, Formula 1 Lotto System, Lotto Variant System, Mark Bower Lottery System (winning the lottery in 3 steps) and so […]

Most lottery systems are to expensive and way to risky to use over and over to try and win the lottery. Smart Play Lotto has launched their proven winning Lottery Wheels to the public. After reading the well presented sales page, we were eager to add this system and get a test under way to see if these wheels would produce some lotto […]

We are exposing the Lotto Black Book lottery System for what it really is, a completely fake lottery system full of misleading and false advertising. For all who though this system was for real, the truth is there is no real verified lottery winners who used this useless System. Also the system was not created by […]

Playing the lottery and actually winning the lottery are two different things, this is why you really should be using a lottery system. Without out a system or strategy you are simply playing the lottery and when using a lotto system you are increasing your odds to win the lotto and is now the intelligent way to play […]

Illinois lotto is a pick 6 lottery from 52 numbers game with poor odds to win, you must increase your odds to win in your favor if you expect success! Most people playing the lottery rarely even win a 3 lotto number winner as the strategy they use is very poor. So what lotto strategy should […]

Winning the lottery is a lot more than just pure luck, you must use a real sensible strategy or success will not be yours. Real lottery winning tips are hard to find, as most tips are given by affiliates selling a gambling product, which of course will be the big tip to use. I will reveal […]

German Lotto or German Lotto 6aus49 is Germany’s biggest lottery game and lotto draws take place twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday learn how to win. The German Lotto is not an easy lottery game to win, this is why most people who play this lotto game on a regular basis use a proven lotto strategy to […]

Many people who play the UK Lottery games have asked, what their chances are for increasing the odds to win the lottery, if they use various strategies. The strategies range from lottery software systems, lottery prediction systems, lottery wheeling systems and so on. You seriously cannot expect great winning success at winning the UK lottery games like UK […]

Lots of people play the Malaysian lottery games such as Toto, Super Toto, Supreme Toto, Power Toto, Mega Toto and want success. They have on thing in common, they do not get the winning success they desire. If you are really serious and want good winning results, you must use a system proven for winning these Malaysian […]

The Sweden Lotto 7/35 the main Swedish lottery game has good odds of winning a lottery jack as it’s only 1:6,724,520 to win the Sweden Lotto jackpot. If a lottery player matches all seven numbers correctly they will become the country’s big lotto jackpot winner and live the dream! To drastically increase prize payouts players have the option of adding the […]

Does the Lottery Circle Software really have the necessary qualifications to help people win the lottery? In this Lottery Circle System Review we will share our opinion as to why the system is not really worthwhile for most to use. I know many people want to know if they can trust this Lottery Circle Software. […]

Only real proven lottery strategies will help you win the lottery. Seriously if you want to be highly successful at winning lotto games such as Powerball Lottery, Mega Millions, Monday Lotto, New York Lotto, Florida Lotto, Florida Powerball, Texas Lotto, California Lottery, Georgia Lottery, Ohio Lottery, South African Lotto, UK Lotto, OZ Lotto, National Lottery etc. You must […]

Having dreams about being the next BIG Irish Lotto winner by winning the Irish Lottery, well to win you need to use a system. I am going to reveal the top winning strategy that is being used for the Irish Lottery games as Irish National Lottery, Irish Lotto plus 1, Irish Lotto, Irish Lotto Plus 2 and Irish Monday Million. […]

The UK Lottery has good lotto games to play as UK Lotto, Euromillions, Lotto Plus 5, Thunderball, and winning one of these lottery games is your goal. The hard part is picking the winning lottery numbers, which almost seem impossible to do. Many play these lotto games routinely and sorry to say fail to win […]

We want to inform you and give you the real Lotto Black Book secret free, so you do not waste your money on this silly lotto system! The real truth is the seller of this Lotto Black Book system is not a math professor named Larry Blair, but a common shady Marketer using a completely phony scenario to lure you […]

To really win the New Jersey lottery games, you must use a proven recommended strategy, or your winning success rate will be very poor! If you play the New Jersey lottery Pick 6 lotto game or any of the New Jersey lottery games as Jersey Cash 5, Powerball, or Mega Millions, you are most likely not […]

Are you sick and tired of playing the lottery and never winning the lottery? Well you have come to the right place as we can update you on real lottery winning tips and strategies, even which lottery systems actually have won lotteries world-wide. If you learn how to win the lottery, your whole life could change for the better, but you must listen and […]

Do you really want to win the lottery easier? Most lottery players generally use a lotto strategy that is involving past drawn numbers as hot lotto numbers, cold lotto numbers and frequently drawn lotto numbers… then I have some very bad news for you. Most lottery experts and even mathematicians have said for years that no lottery number has a better chance to hit than another lottery number each […]