Having dreams about being the next BIG Irish Lotto winner by winning the Irish Lottery, well to win you need to use a system. I am going to reveal the top winning strategy that is being used for the Irish Lottery games as Irish National Lottery, Irish Lotto plus 1, Irish Lotto, Irish Lotto Plus 2 and Irish Monday Million. Real Irish lottery winners have revealed their main strategies or systems used to hit winning lottery numbers for these lottery games.

Did you know the Irish National Lottery actually pays about 50% of the lottery prize money. The balance of these funds is used to fund serious projects in Ireland, as in the fields of health, sports and recreation, the arts, culture and national heritage, including the Irish language which lends a piece of mind that you are helping even if you lose, so playing the Irish lottery games is a very good thing even if you do not win.

The truth is, most people playing the Irish lottery games simply do not fair very well at winning much or hitting winning lottery numbers. You cannot expect to win any lottery game by using quick picks, random numbers or lucky numbers, this is a very big mistake most lottery players fall into. You need to use a verified proven strategy in the form of a lottery system that has actually won these lottery games for many players. The hard part is knowing which system or system to use, as there are many, and most do not work as advertised. This is where are investigation of these systems is going to greatly improve your odds to win.

We have talked to many winners and many losers who play the Irish lottery games to see what they are saying as to what works and what does not work to win these games. Right off the bat we were warned that all lottery software systems for these games should be avoided as most simply are garbage and win nothing. Yes, there was a few who said to use them, but this is only a very small percent. The highest rated and recommended system we were referred to was a lottery wheeling system called Smart Play Lotto Wheels, which seems to be recommended by about 75% of lottery winners for these particular lotto games, which is outstanding news for you!

The Smart Play system is a top rated wheeling system that has an excellent track record for hitting lottery numbers and is very easy to use. We know of this system from lottery winners reporting lottery winning results world-wide, so it is no coincidence it works like magic for the Irish lotto games as well. With this new information you now have a choice, play the same way as usual and win only once in a blue moon, or use the recommended Smart Play system and increase your odds to win all Irish lotto games 10 fold, it is your choice, you must play smart to get superior results and that is a solid fact and that is how to win the Irish Lottery!

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