Fake reviews are a serious problem for online businesses. manyincomstreams.com scam reviews site has been caught red handed posting fake reviews. Our examination found the majority of reviews on this manyincomestreams scam reviews site are nothing more than false. Mostly defamatory reviews which has already infuriated many. There is also evidence of fake comments being posted. Mostly in regards to negative comments about programs being reviewed. This kind of nonsense is very serious and does indeed harm innocent programs and or businesses.

In the online world. It’s extremely easy to post a bad or negative review on a program, business or product. In the case of manyincomstreams.com review site there are also others reporting the review website is shady. Posting mostly negative reviews on all programs that they have little to no interest in. Yet giving great reviews on programs they do have an interest in. They actually try to sell you the affiliate type program they want you to buy. Of course it makes them money when you join.

Stay Clear Of Shady Review Site That Try To Steer You To Buy Their Program

The other programs they bash and bad mouth are useless to them. There is no money to be made from them in the form of commissions etc. That does not give the review site the go ahead to harm other programs. Most with good names just so it gets your attention. Then act like they are all so legit and will show you a great program you can make money with. Of course it’s their own money making program.

We investigated a few of the programs that they were implying were scams. What we found was they were in fact “Not Scams”. Only legit good programs that many were using and have reported as good programs to use. We also found many negative reviews. That showed the reviewer did not even really know the program that was being reviewed. The descriptions of some programs were not even close to the actual program. We even found a program that we have used and know what it is all about. Which did not fit the outline or description of that program posted as a negative review on manyincomestreams.com.

Legit Review Sites Should Only Be Trusted

We also had a few people try and post a good review on a program that they have used. So they know it is good. Yet the review site reports it as a bad program or scam. Well guess what? The review site would not allow the good review to be posted. It just gets removed, which is a very clear indication the whole review site is blatantly bias. The pretending to be a legit scam review site looks to us as a big scam itself. It’s being run in a very unfair way.

Posting misleading untruthful statements about any program, business or products. Both by content and verbally causing it harm without 100 percent hard evidence. This is nothing more than slanderous attacks.

There have been many cases in recent years of companies suing online reviewer’s for defamation or libel for posting spiked reviews. Often very successfully we may add. We absolutely hate fake review sites they cause so much harm and damage. You all should be aware of this and pass this on to others so these disgusting dishonest review sites can be avoided. Maybe hopefully even shut down.

When you are trying your best to find new lottery systems and or products. It is essential that you only trust legit information on product reviews from legit review websites. It’s dishonest review websites like manyincomestreams.com that cause the harm confusion and issues. For not only businesses but for you as well.

Win Lotto Systems Un-Biased Review

Lotto Insider

Powerball – How To Effectively Improve Your Chances To Win

Smart Play Lotto Wheels Real Winning System


We get questions all the time as, can I win lotto with lucky winning lottery numbers? This was thought to be a good strategy for hitting lotto winning numbers many years back, but things have changed in the way of what lotto strategies actually work, versus ones that will only waste your time and your money! I seriously still cannot believe that so many people are still using lottery quick picks along with plain old random lottery numbers, so called lucky numbers and so forth to try to win the lotto. It really is just a simple case of not being well informed how to play the lotto correctly. If you really want to use your lucky winning lottery numbers, than at least pick a few numbers that hit frequently and then call these numbers your lucky lottery numbers. Just pulling out a few so-called lucky numbers out of thin air at random will get you no where very fast playing the lottery. Of course we all have been there at one time, we just play are so-called lucky lottery numbers, or Horoscope lucky numbers, or astrology lucky numbers and hope for the best. Think way back, did you ever actually win the lotto? Did you ever at least even hit a few 3 lottery numbers winning combinations per year? That is the average persons winnings who play the lottery without using a real winning strategy or lottery system. Lottery systems are the most powerful lottery winning tools you can use period, they give you solid leverage to increase your odds to win lotto, so why in the world would you not use a system?

Lottery systems are the key, however they are all not created equal. Many lottery systems are just sorry to say, nothing but pure garbage, just sold to make a fast buck from you! Not to give you real lottery winning success. So how do you find the better real winning systems to use? Well one thing is for sure you cannot trust any system that has affiliates selling the system as there will be tons of fake good reviews to suck you in big time, as with most all systems sold through place such as click bank or JVZoo. Click Bank and other market places itself is not the problem, the problem is the affiliates writing bogus reviews on bogus systems they want you to buy. They do this so they earn big commissions, see why you stay away from these silly types of systems? Luckily I can show you a much better way to choose a real valid real winning system, that real lottery winners actually do use.

See the poll results below, this will show you the truth on which lottery systems are actually winning lottery games. Real lottery winners voted on which systems won the lottery for them, No B.S, No Lies, No Fake Reviews! Real valid sold proof of the best winning systems. You simply cannot use any better lottery system than the Lotto Guy Lottery System or Smart Play Lotto Wheels, they are verified real systems.


Official Best Winning Lottery Systems Poll Results!

Forget about using lucky winning lottery numbers, pick one of the real winning systems and stick with it. Do not jump from system to system, you need to stay with one or possibly two systems at the most and play consistently for periods of time to obtain real lottery winning success, it’s the best lotto strategy you can use PERIOD!

Here are the two top real winning lottery systems in the world! Pick one and stick with it, you are going to play the lotto no matter what, so play a little smarter.

  1. Lotto Guy Lottery System
  2. Smart Play Lotto Wheels System


If you do a search on a few of these systems that did not place very well, you will see most all of these systems make big claims or advertise big win rates that are just misleading hype to lure you in. As you see in a real poll where you simply cannot cheat or lie, the real truth appears. Any lottery system claiming ridiculous high win rates or guarantees is nothing but a silly system sold by marketers looking for a fast buck. Also, do not ever believe the guaranteed 60 day refunds, only a very few people every actually receive it, all just a shady selling tactic. Seriously, how can a gambling product give you a 60 day guarantee, it’s Gambling and no gambling can be guaranteed to win lotto correct?

You now have real insider lotto winning secrets revealed as to which lottery systems are truly winning lottery games. Don’t you think it’s time to step up to a better way to play your lotto game and see much better lottery winning success!!

Lottery Systems Review Group

Lotto Guy Lottery System In-Depth Review

Silver Lotto System Busted – Lottery News

Lottery Group

Here we have another lottery software system called Win Lotto Systems that states guaranteed results. which is simply is not true! It is called Win Lotto Systems, but does it really win the lotto? Win Lotto Systems Software system sells for about $50 which is pretty steep. This as some way more popular proven systems cost less than half that price. Our Win Lotto Systems Review will show you the truth about this system. After, you can make up your own mind if it’s all that good or not.

We cannot find any real reputable reviews of any person winning with this high priced software system. Some review sites state it is a good system. Then when they give you the link to the system it is an affiliate selling Link. So that just says they sell the system and of course are wanting you to buy it. There are 2 reviews sites that are pushing you to this Win Lotto System. Both are lying to you about which systems really work and which systems really don’t work. No legit review site will give you a link for a lottery system that is a hop link or an affiliate selling link. 

Professor William Foster Found To Be Fake

 We investigated the Win Lotto Systems which is a lottery software program and e-book package. The sad part is the system is claimed to be designed and sold by Professor William Foster. Which we found out to be a complete lie! The system is just your common lottery software system. Same as found all over the Internet just sold under different names. All material from this Win Lotto Systems is basically free online at lottery statistic websites. No need to pay for it and it only actually gives you about a 2% win rate which is very low. About the same as using quick picks or random numbers. 

It seems ridiculous that there lottery systems claiming to be created by a professor or math professor. When looked into, is nothing but a lie! Stay away from lottery software systems as Win Lotto Systems Software. Also any sold through ClickBank, JVZoo or any market place. This is where we find that 90% of the systems are fake or seriously full of hype and Lies!

Only Use  Real Verified Winning Lottery Systems

We recommend ONLY using real verified winning lottery systems. Ones that have NO AFFILIATES SELLING THEM and not software! There are only a few of these real legit lotto systems around. Here are the systems we and many others highly recommend as they do in fact win lottery games. Also are not phony nonsense systems. 

  • The Lotto Guy Lottery System
  • Smart Play Lotto Wheels
  • Gold Pyramid System

If you see any review forum telling you these systems are not good. The forum is not a legit honest forum, but an affiliate selling forum. so Beware of this! Of the three systems we recommend the Lotto Guy Lottery System is now rated as best lottery system. This by real user poll votes and definitely does increase your odds to win the lottery. You can see poll results below to verify. Take special note that Win Lotto Systems was not even considered for this poll. Why? as it is just a silly gimmick system. To give you an update. Win Lotto Systems has been banned from selling through click bank. That should tell you something right there folks!

Hope our Win Lotto Systems Review has helped you see what this system is all about. Or in this case what it is not all about. No Professor, no real winners, big cost, no results, banned from click bank. Plus no legit good reviews. Software that gives same as you can get free at no cost. Very expensive system to use and apply as directed. Could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Is Lotto Guy Lottery System By Lotto Guy Good?

Lotto Guy Lottery System Is No Joke

Lotto Guy Lottery System Hot Winning Formula

Lotto Guy Lottery System Review


To win Texas Lotto more effectively you must forget about playing as you do now and start using a smarter more effective strategy, that’s your key! Usually we find one effective strategy for winning Texas Lotto and other Texas Lottery games, but there is now two very effective winning strategies for these lotto games. It does take a lot of searching and investigating, to find out what is actually working to get better winning results vs what is not getting good winning results. We will break it all down so you can see which strategies or lottery systems you might want to try to increase your odds to win Texas lottery games as Texas Lotto, Texas Mega Million, Texas Lottery Powerball and Texas Lotto Cash 5.

We are going to only look at the main lotto systems claiming good winning results for these lottery games. We have on our list 7 top systems:

  • Formula 1 Lotto System
  • Lottery Circle Software System
  • Lottery Crusher Software
  • Lotto Guy Lottery System
  • Silver Lotto System
  • Gail Howard’s Smart Luck System
  • Smart Play Lotto Wheels System

The first three systems are lottery software systems. Gail Howard Smart Luck and Smart Play Lotto Wheels are lottery wheeling systems. The Silver Lotto System seems to vary and the Lotto Guy Lottery System is not a lottery software system or lottery wheeling systems, it is a unique formula type system or some call it a stepped system. The easiest systems out of the group, are the lottery wheeling systems, the rest vary in ease of use.

To start off we eliminated the Formula 1 Lotto System, Lottery Crusher System and Lottery Circle System, as these systems were found to be false, as they only give you what you can get for free from lottery statistic websites, and do not work as advertised. They all claim big win rates, but in reality only give you a very small 2% win rate at best and will not help much to win Texas Lottery.

The next two lottery system Smart Luck and Smart Play Lotto Wheels were both found to give real winning results for all the Lottery Texas games. We looked at the percentages of claimed winnings from real Texas lottery winners which when analyzed was 35% said Smart Luck and 65% said Smart Play. So both systems seem ok, but more winners were using Smart Play so that would be our pick as well.

The nest two lottery systems were Lotto Guy Lottery System and Silver Lotto System. The Silver Lotto System claims a 98% win rate or you will win 8 out of 10 draws (he might have changed this now as was caught using false advertising) . The Lotto Guy System claims a 30% win rate and is back by real lottery winners. We could not find any Texas lottery winners who used the Silver Lotto System, but did find many who stated it won them nothing. The Lotto Guy Lottery System had many reported lottery winners who claim good to very good winning results, which is not surprising as it was the best lottery system winner out of 15 top systems in a recent poll of which system worked best.

The recommended systems in order of best to worse, to use to hit winning lottery numbers playing the Texas lottery games are  Smart Play Lotto Wheels or The Lotto Guy Lottery System, then Smart Luck. The lottery software systems really can only increase your Texas lotto numbers winning potential by about 2%. These software systems are really not systems but there information could be used with the other lottery systems to increase there winning potential. Just remember, the same info is free online these software systems feed you, so really need to pay for it.

There you have it,  the very best strategies or lottery systems for helping you to win the lotto Texas lottery games. Use them, that is how to win Texas lottery much easier!


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The Lotto Guy Lottery System wins the lottery more frequently for more people than any other strategy and that is hard to ignore!  Winning the lottery is usually considered that it was won by just pure old luck and could never have been won by any lottery winning strategy or lottery system. This is the way 50% of people think about winning the lotto, well these people are completely wrong!  These people are the ones who will in fact never win the lottery, as they will not change the way they play the lottery.  These are the same people that are playing their favorite set of lucky lotto numbers, or purchasing a lottery quick pick ticket every week and not never winning a single lotto draw. If you fall into this category, this should be an indication you need to play the lotto a little smarter.

You need to play smarter to win the lotto, this is a fact and this involves using a lotto strategy or lottery system, which can increase your win rates by a good real percentage. Top winning systems such as the highly reputable Lotto Guy Lottery System comes highly recommend to use and all real lottery winners usually use a good system to receive good winning results.  How do you think real professional lottery players win 2, 3, even 4 large lottery winnings, by just good old luck! No way, they use real tested and proven winning lottery systems that do work to increase their odds! A good hockey team always has a game plan, they don’t just go out there wing it. If they do wing it, they’ll most certainly lose every game. If you wing playing the lottery, you will also lose at winning the lottery every draw.

You don’t have to be serious about the lottery to understand how a lottery system works. The Lotto Guy Lottery System for example works on years of previous lottery number patterns and breaks these down to allow you to put together a better set of potential winning lottery numbers. This system has led the field in lottery systems in recent years because it’s fairly simple to understand and use for most people and it does deliver real winning results. You don’t get complicated useless lotto software and you don’t get an 80 page e-book filled with useless information. With the Lotto Guy Lottery System you are granted access to a private member’s website where the system can easily be updated when needed. The system itself is nicely laid out and guides you though step by step with examples to make it really easy and fairly fast to put together your lottery numbers. The system is in fact tested and proven to give you a real 30% increased chance to win, no unrealistic win rates here, it’s the real deal! This is the system that actually won the best winning lottery system out of  many top systems by poll votes, you can see the official results below.



It’s very cool to hear the great reviews coming from people using this Lotto Guy Lottery System from legit sources as they have no affiliates and seriously, that says a lot when choosing a real winning system. We found many used it for playing and winning lotto games such as Ontario 649, Lotto Max, Lotto 649, California Lottery, Oklahoma Lottery, Texas Lotto, Georgia Lottery, New York Lotto, Powerball Lottery, Mega Millions and so on. The proof shows many lottery players benefit from using the Lotto Guy System, as it easily increases your odds to help improve your chances to win the lottery.

When you are ready to take playing the lottery a little more serious, you may want to give the Lotto Guy Lottery System a try, you might just be the next Millionaire Lottery Winner. We hope our Lotto Guy Lottery System Review has opened your eyes as to what really works and does not work to win lottery games.



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We are asked routinely How to play the lottery more efficiently by lottery players looking for better strategies or proven ways to win the lottery. Not to long ago, I myself was looking for these answers to these exact same questions. I lost countless hours trying various strategies and systems and yes, lost thousands of dollars until I eventually found much better systems how to play the lottery and actually win frequently.  Seriously! There are basically ONLY 2 ways you can play lottery:

  • Play the lotto to win real lottery money, and this does require you to actually believe you can win and you must play consistently using a proven system or lotto strategy.
  • Or you can play the lotto to lose your money like the majority of lottery players. Just simply play as you do now and using random lottery numbers or lottery quick pick tickets and hope for the best.

How to play the lottery is a real guide is for those of you who actually plan to win the lottery frequently, not just once in a blue moon. By winning the lottery or hitting winning lotto numbers, I don’t mean you are going to hit big jackpots all the time. I mean you are going to win a few hundred or a few thousand on a weekly or monthly basis depending how you play. Of course you also have a good chance of  winning the lottery jackpot every drawing.

The reason most people want to win the lottery is for financial freedom, or a new home to live in, or to just travel around the world and enjoy life. Whatever your reason is, you must first learn how to play the lottery correctly to actually win the lottery . The sad truth is there are many types of lotto systems, most are useless junk and should not be used, as you will simply will waste your time and money.
There are many very successful lottery players, some of these lottery experts win more than $100,000 – $50,000 from winning the lotto every year. They all use proven established winning strategies for playing and winning the lottery, this is why they win and you do not! There’s are no magic system, or secret lotto system developed by a math professor as many systems claim, only lottery systems that work and systems that fail, that the bottom line!

Right now you must stop wasting your time on using silly hyped up lottery systems, this is the biggest mistake people are doing. These systems are full of false promises, or seriously unrealistic win rates. These bogus systems even claim to give you guaranteed refunds, this is a sign of a scam system, so don’t fall for it, No Real System Will Offer A 60 Guaranteed Refund.

You need to use a tried, tested and proven lottery system to even have a chance to win the lottery. If you need one that works for sure, you can use the same systems many others use for real winning results, which is also the same systems some real lottery winners highly recommend you use. The two most recommended winning reputable lottery systems are:

1) The Lotto Guy Lottery System

2) Smart Play Lotto Wheels

After choosing one of these systems study it well, so you know how to use it properly, then play your lottery game consistently, not off and on! Invest in playing more lotto tickets as will increase your win rate even more. Playing one or two lottery tickets will very rarely win you any money, so play more lottery tickets to increase your winning odds, this is must do.

To win the lottery successfully all you need to do is apply the lottery tips you have learned in this article and you will definitely see good to very good lottery winning success, this is how to play the lottery to win frequently!

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Lottery Predictions that help you win the lottery are not accurate, you need to play the lottery smarter to actually win the lottery. These days it seems every so called lottery expert has a Lottery Prediction to give out and yes usually it will cost you money to use these lottery predictions. This is what people do not understand about these so called lottery predictions, they are not anything special, in fact all they are is usually random lottery numbers, or the very common hot and cold lottery numbers, both of which will not help you much in the way of winning the lottery.

Just because some person says here play these lottery numbers for Powerball or Mega Millions for a few examples, my predictions are good. That does mean they know anything, or that they are a lottery expert, all it means is they give out their random lottery prediction numbers and act like they are all knowing. Any person, website, or lottery software system that just gives you lottery prediction numbers is pulling your leg. The only actual real method for hitting winning lottery numbers other than playing any old random lottery numbers, is to use a certain type of lottery system designed to put your lottery numbers into better groups than can win easier, all other methods are complete garbage. Lottery systems designed to help your numbers hit easier will not be a software system, those are for entertainment purposes only and should be avoided. You can tell it is a software system as it will say software system, if does not state it is a software system then it is not and is more likely to be a real system that will actually assist you in increasing your chances to win easier.

Lottery predictions are basically like those horoscope sites that give you your special lucky lottery numbers that rarely ever hit. These again are for entertainment purposes not good for hitting winning lottery numbers, they will not help you better your odds to win the lottery at all. Take a look at the best winning lottery system poll, the results are real proof of systems users had good luck using and bad luck using. We suggest only using the better winning systems the first time around, thus saving you much time and wasted effort. Poll results simply do not lie or fool you.

You can of course choose to use any system you wish to, but the obvious choice is the best winning system to use and the most highly recommended, Lotto Guy Lottery System which is not a software system. This system is a unique formula type system that is designed to put your lottery numbers into more logical winning groups. The next best system would be Smart Play Lotto Wheels, which is a very good wheeling system (not software) that helps you possibly win multiple times and is easy to use. You must use a good proven strategy, not just some silly lottery predictions to boost your chances to win easier or you simply will not succeed and that’s a solid fact.


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The Lotto Guy Lottery System, is a very powerful winning lottery system. The system deserves an honest in depth review so you know what the true facts are. This highly respected Lotto Guy Lottery System consists of three winning strategies combined to explode your odds to win the lottery. With this tested and proven system, we are seeing real lottery winners recommending it. Of course it won the lottery for them, that’s why. Most lotto strategies are just basic common knowledge stuff we see over and over again. They simply do not produce good results.

On the other hand, the Lotto Guy System is a very different type of system. It’s very unique in the way it works, it is not your basic common type lottery system. The most common type systems are lottery software, which are useless. The best types are formula types, no software, just a formula you follow.

Lotto Guy Lottery System is a real pattern analysis system put together by real techs. They use real lotto game data, nothing made up or common about this truly powerful winning system. There is undeniable proof the system is working it’s magic for many lottery players. In fact, the system was voted on by actual lottery winners. Many voted for the best winning lottery system out of many top ranked systems. This was most certainly a turning point for lottery systems. First it showed the proof by official poll votes, not silly testimonials or misleading reviews. Which sadly we see with many other so-called great lottery systems.

Does Not Allow Affiliates To Sell The System

We see more and more genuine good Lotto Guy Lottery System Review which is a clear indication this lottery system is working. The good news you should know, is that the Lotto Guy lottery System does not allow affiliates to sell the system. Sadly this is what most other lottery systems do. They do this for marketing the system and grabbing sales commissions. The Lotto Guy Lottery System does not make money from affiliate commissions, why? It is a real winning lottery system, it makes money from winning lottery games. The system is a true system, it is not a marketing sales only product.

There are only a few real legit verified lottery systems that really win lottery games and get this, none of them have affiliates selling them. You see the red flag, gee what a surprise! If you grab yourself a lottery system that is sold through places such as click bank or similar beware.  Those systems will have affiliates selling the lottery system. This also leads to misleading reviews on the system. They will mislead people by telling you the system is super great, when of course it really is not! Do you see what we are saying to you? This is an easy way for you to weed out the good lottery systems, from the not so good lottery systems.

Look At Why People Are Recommending The Lotto Guy System Over Other Systems

  • The lotto Guy Lottery System is a real pattern analysis system (not a past drawn numbers system). This is done by real analysis and data. This takes a team of techs and professionals to accomplish it. Cannot be done by one person or silly software.
  • The lotto Guy Lottery System gives you a proven legit 30% increased win rate if used as directed. Most other systems feed you phony ridiculously high win rates. This is to fool you into thinking the system is all that.
  • The System gives you a life time membership, no silly subscriptions or monthly fees. Why would a system have a subscription fee? It is to acquire more of your money, real winning systems do not do this nonsense!
  • The System was voted best winning lottery system for pick 5, 6 and 7 lottery games by poll results. This is very substantial as this fact alone shows how reputable this system really is. (see the poll results below)
  • The Lotto Guy Lottery System has real support. If you have a question they reply. It’s is good to know, as most do not give support at all. Most simply want your money and that’s it.
Official Best Winning Lotto Systems Poll Results!

 Winning Lotto Systems Poll Results

Most All The Systems That Failed This Poll Had Fake Testimonials

It is very common to see testimonial after testimonial on lottery system sales pages. Almost every single testimonial we have come across was simply put, not real. It’s sad and pathetic, but it’s the honest truth people. This is not the case with poll results as has anti cheat in place. You always get the honest solid facts. You see for yourself the best winning lottery systems people chose. It was very clearly shown the Lotto Guy Lottery System was the best.

This systems formula is for real folks. Yes, it works very good for most users. This steer people in the right direction to avoid non-winning systems that are potential money wasters.

Why is it most all the systems that failed this poll are based on being sold by affiliates? Just think about that again. Heck you see it for yourself in the results, it’s not our opinion. Just the shocking truth! Of course there are other systems that seem to be winning lottery games as well. We are just focusing on the top system proven by real user reviews.

Best Lottery Systems Cannot Guarantee You Winnings

It’s the system that is most highly recommended and whether you realize it or not. This formula is the best bang for your buck! We will point out this fact! Even the best of the best lottery systems cannot guarantee you winnings. Lottery systems are just helpful tools you use and apply just like any other tool designed for a situation. Is a system really need, yes it is!

The survey says it all. Most people who play the lottery using a good reputable lottery system, do win larger winnings. Furthermore they win more frequently, so really it is the smart thing to do.

If you want to check out the best winning system, here is their main website Lotto Guy Lottery System. We are seeing other systems using the lotto guy name to sneakily direct people to what they sell. You can only get the real Lotto Guy Lottery System from their main website. Do not be fooled by others using their good name. They are hoping you will not notice you are buying a completely different system.

If you play the lottery using a lottery system, it is really a smart way to win easier. You lottery players listen up, there simply is no better way!

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How To Win The Lottery

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One of the most sought after things in the world is how to win the lottery and yes it can be done, if you know how to play correctly. We all play the lottery and want to know how to win the lottery to win big, but are you really playing the lottery in the best possible way to succeed? Only a small percentage of lottery players actually know how to win the lottery and it is not rocket science, you can actually do it! The first thing you must do, is of course change the way you play the lottery, as obviously the method you play by is not working for you! The easiest part of playing the lottery is buying your lottery tickets, but that is about the only easy part of trying to win the lottery, now lets take a look at real lottery tips that work and do not work at winning the lottery.

How to win the lottery strategies and tips that do not work at winning lottery are as follows:

  • Playing lottery quick picks for the most part is a complete waste of time and money. Lottery quick pick generally give you the worst odds at winning a lottery cash prize.
  • Filing out your lottery ticket slips using plain old random lottery numbers, is a little better than using quick picks, but not by much and again will give you very poor odds to win the lottery.
  • Using your Horoscope Lottery Numbers is a method used my many to choose their lottery numbers, but here is the outcome of playing lotto with this strategy. When compared with lottery quick picks and just plain old random lottery numbers, your Horoscope lottery Numbers rank about the same as using random lottery numbers, so again that is not how to win the lottery and is just basically putting you back to a direct game of chance.

How to win the lottery strategies and tips that do work to win the lottery are as follows:

  • Pick your lottery numbers from a mixed group, never pick your numbers as 23-24-25-26 and so on as will most likely never hit.
  • Play the lottery games that already give the best odds to win over lottery games with much worse odds, you have just increased your odds to win for free.
  • Pick hot lottery numbers, meaning numbers that seem to get drawn frequently, this strategy can increase your win rates a little (about two percent).
  • Use a real tested and proven reputable lottery system. This is the best lottery tip and strategy you can apply to increase your winning success rate, there is no better! The hard part is finding a reputable winning system out of the many on the market (80% of lottery systems are fake), but not to worry, I will show you solid proof of which lottery systems real lottery winners use and recommend.

Below is real solid verified proof of which lottery systems are the real deal, meaning proof of systems that win the lottery as voted on by real lottery winners. You can click on the poll to open larger to see more clearly, the best to worse winning systems, then choose the system that is best for you and stick with it! We obviously like the top winning systems as the winner Lotto Guy Lottery System as good systems generally give you good winning success! Even using two or more systems off and on is actually not a bad strategy and seems to work well with many lottery players, just a good how to win the lottery lottery tip that most people do not realize.

Official Best Winning Lotto Systems Poll Results!

Official Best Winning Lotto Systems Poll Results!


So you see winning the lottery, or how to win the lottery can be seriously increased if you eliminate a few non-winning common strategies and use more legit real lottery winning strategies and tips. It really is not rocket science, just apply better strategy, use a little patience and playing the lottery consistently, is really how to Win the lottery and that my friends is the honest truth!

Lotto Guy Lottery System Hot Winning Formula

Silver Lotto System Review Not A Winning System

Formula 1 Lotto System User Review

Lotto Guy Lottery System Is It A Good System



How To Win Mega Millions

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We know you play Mega Millions and want to win Mega Millions, now learn how to win Mega Millions easier! Playing Mega Millions the usual way for most people is to pick their numbers randomly, or possibly use their lucky numbers and so on, do they ever win, no not usually, so time to play smarter!

There are many Mega Million lottery winning tips, most of these tips really do not increase your win rates, they just sound good to try. For example, using your birth date as your lottery numbers to play, along with your families birth dates, used to be very popular, now many years later is considered a very poor strategy to use. To win Mega Millions you cannot use just any old strategy, you must use what is up to date and been proven at winning lottery games easier.

Without going into great detail, the main way how to win Mega Millions is in fact to use a well proven lottery system, there simply is no better strategy known and never will be. This is where you need to go to see which lottery systems are being verified as best winning systems, Lottery Systems Reviews, then use one of those top winning system and never look back. Of course our top pick for best winning lottery system is the Lotto Guy Lottery System, then if want a second system to use along with or instead of, we do recommend a wheeling system such as Smart Play Lotto Wheels.

Most people will only use one lottery system and that just fine, but there is an advantage in using a second system as long as it can be used along with your first system, which will boost odds to win a little more. Mega Millions is a seriously huge lottery game and if you win big, you are set for life, so playing the game with more winning leverage is a smart thing to do and yes it will involve playing more lottery tickets than just a few. If you only want to play with a min amount of lottery tickets, then we advise you to stick with just one lottery system.

Again as far as the best lottery system to use and apply for winning Mega Millions, see the poll below it blew my mind as it shows the true winning systems and the many that are NOT so good at winning.


Remembers playing the Mega Millions lottery is gambling and there is no way to win for sure, you can only use the best strategy to improve your odds to win and is what most lottery winners use, so you need to use it as well if you are going be be a smart lottery player! As you see by the above poll results the most voted on winning lottery system which also works great for Mega Millions is the Lotto Guy Lottery System which we also very highly recommend.

There is simply no better to improve your winning success playing Mega Millions or any other lottery game that using a well proven lottery system, Period!


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The Lotto Guy Lottery System is definitely a serious winning lottery system, that many real lottery winners use and highly recommend. Many lottery players want to know if the Lotto Guy Lottery System, is a Good system to improve your odds or a Bad system to use? The truth is most lottery systems that are on the market promise big lottery wins, but never work as advertised costing many people to waste their money trying to find a way to win the lottery. The Lotto Guy Lottery System is a totally different kind of system that does not make false claims, it has been verified to deliver exactly what it advertises, a realistic, not the usual exaggerated very high win rates. The Lotto Guy System does in fact increase your chances to win lottery games and if used correctly can give you some very serious lottery winnings! Just remember that no legit lottery system can guarantee you win, they can only assist in improving your chances to hit winning lottery numbers easier.

The sad part is most lottery systems are really just silly made up systems sold by marketers as a business gimmicks to make fast money from you the buyer!  However! There is a new kid on the block called Lotto Guy Lottery System and this system is not like the rest of the common systems we see day in and day out.  This excellent winning system actually does work as advertised to a tune of delivering you about a thirty percent increased real win rate. How good is this top ranked winning system? The Lotto Guy Lottery system was voted by poll votes, as the best winning lottery system out of many top well known systems. All of these so-called top winning lottery systems promise you ridiculous win rates, some as high as 98% for the Silver Lotto System and 96% for the Lottery Circle Software System (up to date they have removed those win rates as caught using false advertising). Well polls do not exaggerate, when these misleading systems went up against a real Tested and Proven system, namely the Lotto Guy Lottery System, they simply all failed to deliver claimed lotto winning results. This is not just opinion, but real verified proof to show the system is in fact for real!

The Lotto Guy Lottery System is not sold by any marketers and was developed by real techs using real data, number pattern analysis, which is much different than the usual past drawn number analysis, most all other lottery software systems are based on. This is partly why the system works so well for many people, it gives real results. It is the only real legit Tested and Proven lottery system for most pick 5, pick 6 and pick 7 lottery games. There are very few other lottery programs that will ever come close to the pure winning power of this awesome formula type system (not software). We have seen reviews from real lottery winners who used this system and highly recommend it for winning lottery games such as, Texas Lotto, Florida Lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, California Lottery, Ohio Lottery, Michigan Lottery, Georgia Lottery, New York Lottery, Canadian Lotteries including Lotto Max plus more!

Take a look at the first best lottery system poll results, see who won with 83% of the votes, it was the Lotto Guy Lottery System. You cannot win polls such as this by getting poor winning results and that is a solid fact!

2012 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results


Need more proof? Here is the latest or second best winning lottery system poll which included more so-called top winning systems years later. Once again the winning system with the most votes went to the Lotto Guy Lottery System. (Click poll below to open larger)

Lotto Guy Lottery System Wins Best Winning Lotto System.

Lotto Guy Lottery System Wins Best Winning Lotto System.


Questions Asked about The Lotto Guy Lottery System:

  1. Will the system guarantee that I will win? No the system does not guarantee you will win, no system can do that, if it states can, it is not legit. Also the system works in a manner that if used correctly, slowly builds up your odds to win every lottery draw.
  2. Is the system easy to use? Yes the system is easy to use for most people, you do have to actually learn to use the system, it is not a silly software system, you know the kind that you push a button and out comes some numbers you should play, but where did those numbers come from? This system is designed to put your numbers into much better winning groups.
  3. How many lottery tickets or lines of numbers do I need to play using the system? The recommended minimum amount of lottery tickets you should use with the system is eight to twelve per lotto draw.
  4. Is there support just in case I need help with something? Yes, they have very good support unlike most other lottery systems that have little to no support at all.
  5. Does the system have a refund policy? No there are no refunds as is a gambling product and they do not guarantee you will win, no type of gambling is a guarantee.. Most all systems that state have a money back refund, just use it to pull you into the sale, you very rarely ever will get a refund as system is just made-up and sold by a common marketer. This has been thoroughly verified as reported by many people.

With all the tests and solid reviews on this very powerful superior Lotto Guy Lottery System, it definitely would be a very wise choice to apply it if you play the lottery on a regular basis. This will make an improvement to your strategy to win the lottery easier. Our Recommendation report is, it seriously would be very hard to find a better lottery system, it should be the first lottery system you try for real serious improved winning success!! The Lotto Guy Lottery System is now exposed as one of the very few real winning systems!


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If you live in Australia, you play the Australian Lotto which are very popular lottery games and a good winning strategy is the key to success. The most popular lottery games are as follows,  Monday Night Lotto, Tuesday Lotto or OZ Lotto, Wednesday Night Lotto, Thursday Powerball, or Saturday Night Lotto. Australia is great for playing the lottery as there is a lotto game to play almost everyday of the week. I have seen many Australian lottery players very pissed off that they have a hard time winning these Aussie lotto games. I have also seen many very happy Aussie lotto players that actually win these lotto games most frequently.

When investigated further, it was found out that the lottery players who did not fair well playing games as, Monday night Lotto, or OZ Lotto etc were the people using a very common lotto strategy, or should I say No Strategy, just playing random lottery numbers. This is not the smartest way to win the lottery, you need to use proper systems that are known for giving winning results. The people who obtained the best winning success playing the Australian lottery games were the ones using tested and proven winning systems. There were four lottery systems that Aussie lotto players claimed gave them the best over-all winning results. Here they are in the order of best winning lottery results!

  1. The Lotto Guy Lottery System (This is a very well respected system for winning Australian Lottery games, even has a special system for OZ Lotto)
  2. Smart Play Lotto Wheels (Excellent winning results for Australian Lottery games except OZ Lotto)
  3. Lottery Circle Software ( poor results, best used along with other lotto systems)
  4. Gold Pyramid Lotto System ( OK results for Australian lotto games but better known for winning California Lottery games)

We highly recommend using the top rated systems for best winning results. The Lotto Guy Lottery System won best lottery system in by real user poll votes, we like it!

We also like Smart Play Lotto Wheels, many good reviews by winners and very easy system to use. Also has many wheels for different playing budgets which we like, but does not have a wheel for OZ Lotto.

Pick a top system and stick with it, this is the advice from lotto experts. Do not jump from system to system. It takes time and a little patients when playing the lotteries, just use good strategy and success will eventually follow. I will show you in a best lottery system poll, which lottery systems were voted by real winners as best systems that worked for them. This will no doubt help you pick a good system to increase your chances to win Australian Lottery or other lottery games as well..

2013 best Winning Lottery System Poll Results! Silver Lotto System Failed To Win Lottery Games Therefore Ranked Very Poorly By Voters.

Best winning lottery systems poll results



Here are a few more lottery articles and lottery system review sites you may wish to browse:

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Lotto System Reviews – The Truth!

To win the lottery, you first need to know how to successfully increase your odds to win, or you have already failed. There are many so called lottery experts, which are actually not experts at all, you do not want to take advice from a bogus lottery expert. Let’s clear this up so you know how to tell the difference. A real honest to goodness lottery expert is not going to sell his or her lottery system through a marketplace such as Clickbank, Jvzoo and so on. People that sell their lottery advice through such places are just marketers, selling whatever product they can get you to buy to make themselves rich. Real lottery experts selling a real lottery system will not need to sell through such places, their systems are for real, they win lottery games for real and have no need to make money through sales. Of course they still sell their strategy as it is theirs and are giving you the strategy to benefit from.

So your first lesson to help you win the lottery is to use a real lottery system by a real honest to goodness lottery expert, not a marketer pretending to be an expert with a bogus lottery system and advice. Your second lesson is to not fall for lottery software systems as these are marketers who use hyped up advertising to make people think they need to use software as it’s easy and fast. Here is the real truth behind this lottery software gimmick. Marketers feed on the uneducated lottery player, promising an easy fast way to win the lottery using their lottery software. All lottery software systems that give you your lottery numbers to play (hot numbers and cold numbers) are nothing more than gimmicks, basically designed for entertainment purposes. They give you your lottery numbers only from two sources, one being they are just useless random numbers, or they are take straight off of lottery statistic websites which are all free for anyone to use.

The fact is, yes you absolutely need to use a lottery system to improve your odds to win easier, but it must be a real legit proven winning system or you are wasting your time. Think about it, do you want a lottery strategy that is very easy but does little in the way of increasing your odds to actually win? Or, do you want a lottery strategy that will definitely improve your odds to win, but it will be a little harder to use? Remember this folks, anything worthwhile is going to involved a little more work, time and or effort and that is a solid fact! Easy hyped up nonsense is for the gullible, be smart and play smart, that your key to win the lottery.

So you now know you need a real lottery system, so which system or systems are best? Below I will show you proof of which lottery systems are the better ones to use and will also supply you with some reviews to further back this up, the rest is now up to you!


Here are great reviews on the more popular winning lottery systems.

Lotto Guy Lottery System Formula Works 

Lotto Guy Lottery System Hot Winning Formula

Smart Play Lotto Wheels Easy Effective System

Top lottery system real reviews can also be seen at Lottery Systems Review Group

Good luck to all and remember to play smarter to win easier!

Most people have heard of a secret lottery system called The Lotto Black Book System, you know the one by Larry Blair Oklahoma Math Professor. Did you know this so-called secret Lotto Black Book lottery system was Not developed by an Oklahoma professor, but just an ordinary sneaky marketer. The lottery system it’s self is very silly and confusing to say the least, and get this, it costs a whopping $105.00 , now I believe the cost is more like $50 to obtain this silly useless e-book. 

Recently the Lotto Black Book was busted for having a huge amount of phony photo’s, phony cheques, phony testimonials and so on. Now get this, the sneaky marketers who sell this system have now put out a second sales page and have toned down the lies a little bit, but it is still a useless system. I wonder how many people have been tricked by these greedy marketers. 

I am sure you have seen all the so-called good Lotto Black Book System review, but did you know there are 30,000 affiliates also selling this system trying to earn commissions. This means many of those affiliates write false good reviews to sell the system, now you know the real truth! Remember if a lottery system is sold through places such as ClickBank it will have affiliates and is a very bad sign when it comes to gambling or lottery system products. 

Here is an excellent article that totally shows you (break the phony stuff down so you can see) all the false claims about the Lotto Black Book see HERE!  

We have warned people about this Lotto Black Book System and the usage of a phony professor scenario used to sell a system claimed to win lottery games, that actually has no real lottery winners, including the phony professor Larry Blair who created the system. To see actual proof of what others thought of the system, take a look at the latest best winning lottery system poll results. 

Official Best Winning Lotto Systems Poll Results!

Official Best Winning Lotto Systems Poll Results!

As you can plainly see, no real lottery winners voted for the Lotto Black Book System, as of course no people actually won using the system, at least not many. Silly systems as this Lotto Black Book are really a dime a dozen these days, you must use common sense when choosing a real lottery system to use. Does the system seem to good to be true, but yet no winners? Does the system have affiliates selling it, if yes, most likely not a real winning system. You simply cannot win lottery games with nonsense lottery systems, you may as well just play random lottery numbers, it will give you about the same results.

Do we recommend the Lotto Black Book System, No not at all, it has been proven a complete phony lottery system! Looking for real honest winning lottery systems? Go to this lottery system review site, they will show you proof of which systems really work and which systems do not work. Lottery Systems Reviews.

Lotto Guy Lottery System Wins Lotto

Lotto Luck

Lotto Winning Strategies

Lottery Group


I want to reveal the real truth about the Lotto Black Book lottery system by Larry Blair. Larry Blair in reality is not an Oklahoma Math Professor at all, actually Larry Blair is just a made name and scenario, used along with tons of false advertising to sell a seriously hype-up lottery system. If there was ever a lottery system full of B.S, this Lotto Black Book formula system is right at the top of the list.  All reputable lottery system review sites warn you against buying this very misleading system. I also warn you that not only is the Lotto Black Book a false winning system, the 60 day refund is not honored very often, so do not think if you buy the system and do not like it, you can simply just get a refund, not going to happen!

I along with many other people fell for the fake systems false advertising and had to find out the hard way, the system is just a very common useless bunch of nonsense. If a real Math Professor was responsible for this Lotto Black Book, he should be seriously ashamed at himself, luckily this is not the case, the real seller is just a common click bank marketer. People are reporting this system to the FTC and click bank as it is very fraudulent to fool people into thing they are getting a real winning system, instead of a system that has been around since the ice age. Take a look at the email below I receive when I inquired about the Lotto Black Book.

I’m Mr.Larry The Oklahoma Professor Who Gets Shot In The Foot AFTER Winning The Big Lotto Prize Three Times In A Row. I want you to know my secret how to win the lottery three times in a row……..To hear the whole story go to my website and listen to the video: “The Lottery Black Book” Is…a simple lotto system that can be played by anyone in any country with minimum money to invest. The first and still the only proven method that can make you a winner 5 out of 10 times. A step–by–step plan, so easy to understand and apply that even a 7 year–old kid can do it. Your ticket to a new life full of happiness and joy. Praised in hundreds of thank you letters I received from people all over the world.

This is the email I received after asking about the Lotto Black Book System. The person who calls himself Larry Blair did not answer many of my questions as, I would like to see real proof of some your big lottery winning tickets so I can verify they are real before I buy your system? No reply to that question, Why? It is because there are no real winning lottery tickets, all just a gimmick. I then asked to give me a few of these hundreds of peoples contacts (email address) who sent in thank you letters, so I could talk to them and verify this to be true. Once again, No reply to that question. I now knew this was all a big money making scheme, but still bought the system to see how it worked for this Lottery Black Book Review.

The Lotto Black Book system is really nothing special, all just bits and pieces of very common lottery strategies mixed together in a bunch of nonsense, very hard to understand, does not make good-sense at all. After testing the system for a couple of months, all I had to show for it was a small garbage can full of losing lottery tickets. The Lotto Black Book is actually worse than using lottery quick picks and those give very poor odds to win the lottery. Now for the real bad part of using this system. I asked for a full refund before the 60 days were up and was as expected denied!

There you have it, this is a real non-fake review on the Lotto Black Book system, I would never ever recommend this system to anyone. The Lotto Black Book has many good reviews to bad all of them are by affiliates and the actual seller of the system, so the Lotto Black Book is all show NO GO!

Seriously, if you want real top rated winning lottery systems that real lottery winners use and highly recommend, pick a system from the list below, these are true verified winning systems.

  • Lotto Guy System (Won best winning lottery system in by poll votes over 21 so-called top systems)
  • Smart Play System ( Second best winning system in the world and is very easy to use)
  • Gold Pyramid System ( Great system but hard to find as creator passed away)


Here are a few more reviews below you should check out.

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If you are not using real Lottery Winning Tips when playing the lottery, you are going to find it almost impossible to win lottery games. Playing any lottery game will require using proven strategy, or real lottery winning tips to help boost your win rates above what is the normal. Most people sadly are very lazy and will never use any type of strategy to increase their chances to win the lottery. These people help feed, meaning they help increase the jackpot amount while never winning anything and the people who focus on playing lotto smarter, are generally the players who win the larger amounts. People are needed to contribute to the cash flow to increase the lottery jackpots, this is a must, then someone has to win correct? This is why we need more people playing the lottery and of course better strategy, such as in using good lottery winning tips, to actually help win the Lottery much easier.

When you apply better lottery winning tips, you can seriously improve your chances to win the lottery over the many people who never use smarter strategy, why? well…….they are lazy and lazy does not help you win the lottery. So what are the best lottery tips to use that real lottery winners use and apply to have better winning success? There are just a few mandatory real proven lottery tips you must follow and of course stick with, as following this guideline does not mean you will win the next lottery jackpot, it just means your odds to win, will have increased considerably.

When considering using real Lottery Winning Tips, the most important tip to increase your lottery winnings over the average, is to use a well proven winning lottery system. A lottery system is the only tool designed to boost your lottery winnings and is definitely a must use. I will show you proof of which lottery systems are working best for the majority of users, just review the latest best lottery systems poll below to see for yourself.

As you can plainly see for yourself by the poll results above, the top voted winning lottery system most found to work good for them, was The Lotto Guy Lottery System. This poll shows you a solid lottery winning tip you can use and apply to improve your success rate. Of course you can choose to use any top winning system you like, that is up to you to decide as you are the one playing the lottery.

The next proven lottery winning tip is to just play more lottery tickets, as the more tickets you play, the higher your odds to win climb. Of course most of us cannot afford to play tons of lottery tickets each and every draw, but you can adjust it to a level of tickets played that is comfortable for you, possibly ten lottery tickets each draw or so. Just playing one or two lottery tickets every lotto drawing will not increase your odds by very much.

The next lottery winning tip that many lottery winners have recommended to use, is to always play your lottery game consistently, meaning play each and every draw, do not play for two lotto draws then stop for three draws etc. When you use a lottery system this lottery tip is very important to follow, as playing consistently allows your lottery system, or playing strategy to work better, which will of course help you win the lottery easier.

These are the main real lottery tips that many real lottery winners use, you need to follow and apply these exact same lottery tips if you want better success at winning the lottery, there is simply no other better way. Think of it this way, you are going to play the lottery no matter what, so why not focus on playing a little smarter using lottery winning tips, that can actually help you and start actually hitting some cash winnings for a change, it really is the smart way to play the lottery!


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Smart Play Proven Winning Lotto Wheels 

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Many Canadians who play the Lotto Max on a regular basis are now using the Lotto Guy Lottery System, as this system really does work well. Yes, there is a good reason why lottery players are using this system for winning Lotto Max, Lotto 649 and Lotto Western 649, it seriously works great to increase your odds to win these lottery games easier! Close friends of mine have had success playing Euromillions, Powerball and Mega Millions as well with this Lotto Guy Lottery System. This lotto Max winning system is now reported to be the best system in the world and is very highly recommended to use. Quick picks are a thing of the past if you are looking for good winning results and anyone who is serious about winning the lottery, now uses a lottery system to better their chances to become a Millionaire.

Many lotto systems are on the market these days and therefore many are tested and reviewed. News flash people, the  Lotto Guy Lottery System is the only real Tested and Proven system in the world and is definitely the most effective and successful system at hitting Lotto Max Winning Numbers! Did you know it was just recently voted by poll results as the world best winning lottery system? I’d love to show a few winning tickets, but I’d only be fueling the marketers out there to steal them to claim them as their own to fool people. You see they take your photos, photoshop them and use them as their own claiming they won the lottery, but actually won squat. I don’t condone this behavior at all it fools people and that is nasty. Ultimately if you want a tested and proven system that will improve your odds to win big money, look no further than the Lotto Guy Lottery System. Many reports of winners playing Lotto Max using this superior system and hitting Lotto Max Winning Numbers frequently, hence why the system is so valuable to use.

Here is the official poll showing which systems lottery winners voted on as best winning systems.

 As you can see for yourself the same system that is highly recommended for Lotto Max is also the top winning system. Now you have  better first hand knowledge of which lottery systems work and do not work, just make a wise choice as the Lotto Guy Lottery System, then stick with that system, you can thank me later.


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Lotto Guy IS the Lottery Guy To Go To


How to really Win The Lottery, what are your true chances for winning the lottery! Should you use free lottery software systems? Should you just use your own lottery numbers? These are the most common lottery questions we are asked on a weekly basis and the answers are quite simple, forget about using your random numbers and lottery software systems are more hype and show than real winning lottery tools. You can seriously increase your chances to win the lottery, but you must follow the advice correctly or your chance of winning the lotto will be very poor indeed.

The first step in trying to win the lottery, is to learn about lotto and which lottery games will give you the best odds to win! The second step is to of course pick your best lottery numbers you are going to play. How you pick your best lottery numbers will make a huge difference in the odds you will get in actually winning a cash prize or possibly even a lotto jackpot. You really need to use a proven verified winning lottery system or lottery strategy and no free or non free lottery software systems will be of much help as they all get their data from free statistic lottery sites, same places you can get for free as well. We recommend to use only lottery systems that have had great winning track records such as Lotto Guy Lottery System, which actually won best lottery system in the world by poll votes, you simply cannot go wrong if you use this system, just as long as you use it as directed.

The next step after you get your lottery numbers together to play, is to go and purchase your lottery tickets and wait to hear the results from your lottery games next draw, then check your tickets to see if you are a lottery winner. If you used the usual method of picking random lottery numbers or lottery quick picks, the chances are you will win nothing, even after playing for many months at a time. Now if you went the smarter route and took our advice and used a good lottery system that is made for increasing your win rates, your chances of hitting winning lottery numbers would be much higher, this is your choice to make. We will show you the official best winning lottery systems poll results, you can then make a good decision on which system is best for you!

If you are a total newbie at playing the lottery, you still need a solid winning system, but it should be very easy to use while still giving you great win rates. The system we recommend to all that fall into this category is Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Great lottery wheeling system, very easy to use, has very high winning track record.

Remember a lottery system is your best friend when playing the lottery to win, and you can use it forever to give you that big advantage you definitely need when trying to win lottery games, good strategy is the key to winning success!


More lottery system reviews you can browse below:


Smart Play Proven Winning Lotto Wheels

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Lotto Guy Lottery System Formula Works 

Does Lotto Guy Lottery System Work? 


Realistically winning the lottery is very hard to do, you need to apply realistic lottery winning tips to really succeed. The fact is, lottery jackpots are steadily on the increase which in return attracts more and more people to invest in playing the lottery. The sad part is most people who play the lottery, really have no idea how to play correctly to increase their chances to win easier.

Most people think that any winning lottery numbers can be drawn at any time, so what is the point of using strategy, just picks out some random lottery numbers, as they have just as good of a chance to hit as any other number. While this is kinda true, if you investigate lottery numbers and patterns, you would see that certain numbers and patterns hit much more often than others. Armed with this type of information or what we call realistic lottery winning tips, you will definitely increase your chances to win much easier than if you did not apply these lottery tips.

So what are the best realistic lottery tips to apply?

  1. The first lottery tip which is the most powerful and effective tip is to use a verified real winning lottery system. A lottery system is your only special designed tool specifically meant for increasing your odds to hit winning lottery numbers.
  2. The next lottery tip you should apply is very simple yet very helpful. Play more lottery tickets than you do now. More lottery tickets played, equals better odds to win, just common sense!
  3. If you can, play the lottery game that has the best odds to win. This is another basic common sense strategy, the easier the lottery game is to win, the better right off the bat for you to win easier.

What are some lottery tips to avoid?

  1. Forget about playing lottery quick picks they will not boost your odds much if at all.
  2. Do not pick your lottery numbers by very common methods as birth-dates, lucky numbers, or horoscope numbers and so on. These are just common silly ways people have grown up thinking they have some benefit, but in reality will not help you at all win the lottery.

So let’s now assume you are willing to change the way you play the lottery, by stepping up to a much smarter strategy as in using a verified proven lottery system, where do you find the best system? This is where I can save you a huge amount of wasted time and money. The best winning lottery systems are now revealed in the latest poll results for all to see, this makes things much easier for you!

Checkout the systems that received the highest votes by real users/winners of these systems, pick the system that looks right for you and then just stick with it.


There is no doubt about it, using a top ranked real winning lottery system will definitely better your chances at winning the lottery over any other lottery winning tips period! Of course you can choose the system you think is best for you and you match it up against our two best choices. This of course for us is a no brainer, as the two best winning lottery systems are:

Lotto Guy Lottery System

Smart Play Lotto Wheels

Both of these excellent winning systems work in completely different ways. Both systems are highly recommended by real lottery winners, so you really cannot go wrong with either system. Just remember, that just because it is a lottery system does not mean you will win the lottery for sure. It just means by using a good system or strategy, your chances to win will increase much more so, than if you did not use a lottery system at all. Just like any other types of gambling, having a game plan or strategy, or using real lottery winning tips is real your key to much better winning success and that is a true fact!


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To win New York Lottery games as, New York Lotto, New York Take 5, New York Mega Millions, you need real winning tips to win big! Survey says, most people playing any of the New York lottery games only average a very small lottery winning every now and then. These same lottery players basically all use the same strategies to try and win the New York Lotto, this is one of their biggest mistakes and why they simply cannot win much. Strategy is everything playing the lottery, use crap strategy, get crap winning results.

The most common strategy new Yorkers use to try and win the lottery is plain old random lottery numbers, followed by birth-dates, horoscope lucky numbers, well you see what I mean, just numbers pulled out of thin air, no strategy here. Strategy is when you break down lotto number groups and or patterns, such as pattern analysis, past drawn number analysis, hot and cold numbers analysis, even over-due numbers. These are strategies that will win over using random lottery numbers or quick picks every time like clockwork, some work much better than others. So you have already learnt one huge lottery winning tips to hit New York Lottery Winning Numbers. Now you need to find a good successful winning strategy to use and stick with it!

The two best winning strategies or systems, that we can find backed up by real lottery winners, is shown below as proof to you, in the latest best winning lottery system poll official results. Click on the poll to open larger, so you can see which lottery systems real lottery winners voted on as being the best winning systems. I do care to read testimonials on systems as most are just fake, I do however know that polls are for real and provide you with solid proof of results.


Official Best Winning Lotto Systems Poll Results!

Official Best Winning Lotto Systems Poll Results!

To start boosting your odds to win the New York Lotto, you should be using one or more of the top rated systems according to the poll results. Legit Pattern analysis systems are very hard to find as you need huge amount of data, software to analysis the data and real experts to design a system, this is exactly what the first place winning system is and why the Lotto Guy Lottery System is now known world-wide as a very powerful, pure leverage win rate boosting system. If this system did not work well for a good percentage of users, it would not be backed with so many votes.

Also, we have a very good second place winning system already known for giving good wins for New York Lottery games. We like this Smart Play Lotto Wheels system as it is a no nonsense wheeling system, that also applies special win rate boosting strategy, so you are using three strategies in one, very smart system, very easy to use. These are the best of the best in re-guards to legit verified real winning systems, use them over your standard random lottery number strategy and doors open up, winning success come much more frequently.

Lets re-cap a little. You play the New York Lottery for years, but why aren’t you a big winner yet? Are you playing the New York Lotto in a old fashion manner using random or self picked lottery numbers? Or possibly even using a system that you thought was for real, but now know it was just hype! All that is in the past, play smarter you now have the evidence of which systems or strategies are actually winning lottery games. Pick one of these strategies or more and stick with it, also play consistently and watch your lottery winnings jump big time in 2-4 months of using a real strategy, that is How You Win The New York Lottery!!


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