How to really Win The Lottery, what are your true chances for winning the lottery! Should you use free lottery software systems? Should you just use your own lottery numbers? These are the most common lottery questions we are asked on a weekly basis and the answers are quite simple, forget about using your random numbers and lottery software systems are more hype and show than real winning lottery tools. You can seriously increase your chances to win the lottery, but you must follow the advice correctly or your chance of winning the lotto will be very poor indeed.

The first step in trying to win the lottery, is to learn about lotto and which lottery games will give you the best odds to win! The second step is to of course pick your best lottery numbers you are going to play. How you pick your best lottery numbers will make a huge difference in the odds you will get in actually winning a cash prize or possibly even a lotto jackpot. You really need to use a proven verified winning lottery system or lottery strategy and no free or non free lottery software systems will be of much help as they all get their data from free statistic lottery sites, same places you can get for free as well. We recommend to use only lottery systems that have had great winning track records such as Lotto Guy Lottery System, which actually won best lottery system in the world by poll votes, you simply cannot go wrong if you use this system, just as long as you use it as directed.

The next step after you get your lottery numbers together to play, is to go and purchase your lottery tickets and wait to hear the results from your lottery games next draw, then check your tickets to see if you are a lottery winner. If you used the usual method of picking random lottery numbers or lottery quick picks, the chances are you will win nothing, even after playing for many months at a time. Now if you went the smarter route and took our advice and used a good lottery system that is made for increasing your win rates, your chances of hitting winning lottery numbers would be much higher, this is your choice to make. We will show you the official best winning lottery systems poll results, you can then make a good decision on which system is best for you!

If you are a total newbie at playing the lottery, you still need a solid winning system, but it should be very easy to use while still giving you great win rates. The system we recommend to all that fall into this category is Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Great lottery wheeling system, very easy to use, has very high winning track record.

Remember a lottery system is your best friend when playing the lottery to win, and you can use it forever to give you that big advantage you definitely need when trying to win lottery games, good strategy is the key to winning success!


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