Does the Lottery Circle Software really have the necessary qualifications to help people win the lottery? In this Lottery Circle System Review we will share our opinion as to why the system is not really worthwhile for most to use. I know many people want to know if they can trust this Lottery Circle Software. The truth is the system creator Ace Lee basis his lottery expertise on the silly fact that he worked as a store clerk for 5 years and sold many lottery tickets. This would mean that thousands of other store clerks are actually lottery experts and can design a winning lottery system right? WRONG!

When we investigated Ace Lee and his lottery systems as Lottery Circle System, we found he claims a very ridiculous win rate of 96%, this is simply not true! His Lottery Circle system has been tested by many users and all real reviews state a win rate around 2% which is far from a claimed 96%. Actually most reviews on this system are by affiliates selling the system, which have never even used the system, yet state how great it works, again more misleading tactics! All legit reputable review sites have this Lottery Circle System listed as a poor winning system, not even close to what the system claims to give.

Here is something we find very funny about Ace Lee. He claims his lottery systems are the best and you need to use them, yet he also recommends the Formula 1 Lotto System, Ken Silver’s Silver Lotto System, and used to recommend the Lotto Black Book System, plus a few other proven useless full of nonsense systems. Ace Lee sells these other systems as an affiliate seller, this also proves his lottery recommendations are false, just like his Lottery Circle Software System. Ace Lee is in no way an expert in the lottery, he is an expert in selling products as an affiliate marketer, that’s it!

Why would a so-called legit seller as Ace Lee sell bogus lottery systems that are reported by many as nonsense? Why do these sellers not recommend real tested and proven lottery systems as the Lotto Guy Lottery System, which even won the  best winning lottery system by poll votes over many so-called top systems. You would think Ace Lee being the claimed lottery expert would recommend the top winning system in the world, but no he does not as he cannot make any money by selling it, what a surprise!

The Lottery Circle System is really nothing special, it is a version of a past drawn numbers system which these days is a dime a dozen. Seems that all marketers sell similar systems and claim they will give you very high win rates when in reality they do not, just a money making gimmick. These types of systems get there data free from lottery statistic websites, you can just go there yourself and get it all free as well. Systems as Lottery Circle System are really not even real lottery systems, they are basically just giving you data that you can use in a real lottery system. Most people simply do not know much about lottery systems, we felt the truth should be told so people are not fooled out of their money. The sellers who sell similar type systems as Lottery Circle System hardly ever win, or most likely even use there own systems as they show no proof of real winnings, as there is no winnings to show period! Bottom line, do not fall for hype, use a real winning lottery system, get real winning success!


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