Australian Lotto winning strategies are actually hard to come by, we dug deep during or research to find the very best winning strategies to use. It is a now known solid fact that you must use a lottery system to boost your odds to win, this is a no brainer! The hard part of course is finding lotto strategies that work well to give good winning results to win the Australian lottery games.

We put in the time and effort to search and find the lotto strategies were actually winning Australian lottery games as, Monday Night Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Thursday Powerball, Saturday Lotto aka Gold Lotto, or Tatts Lotto we have dug very deep and found some real lottery winners playing these Australian lottery games. Out of 4 lottery systems or lottery strategies for these Australian Lottery games, two to three systems keep popping up in legit reviews (non affiliate) and by actual lottery winners recommendations. These are the systems in order of best to least best for winning  Australian Lotto games and all backed-up and verified by many lottery review sites.

  1. The Lotto Guy Lottery System (Best system by far)
  2. Smart Play Lotto Wheels
  3. Gail Howard’s Smart Luck

The system called the Lotto Guy Lottery System is the number one recommended system for winning the Australian lotteries. Many users of this system swear it does great and is the only system that has a special system for OZ Lotto. We know this excellent system is a verified tested and proven true winning lottery system, which was developed by real data pattern analysis. This system also won the best winning lotto system in 2012 and 2013 by poll results, which is solid proof! This system is known for its superior strategy for building up win rates and has been responsible for many lottery jackpot wins.

The Smart Play Lotto Wheels System is different from the Lotto Guy System as it’s a lottery wheeling system, but not your common non-effective type wheeling system, these wheels are for real and have all won lottery jackpots including Australian Lottery games except the  OZ Lotto game  as it’s a  pick 7 lotto game and Smart Play only works for pick 5 and pick 6 lottery games.

These systems are truly the top winning lottery systems responsible for winning Australian Lotto and are the most highly recommended to use period! As for the third best winning system Smart Luck , it has some good reviews and some bad reviews for winning Aussie lotto games, still better system than many others.

Here is the official poll results for the 2013 best winning lottery system (click poll to open larger) You can clearly see for yourself how 21 of the top lottery systems on the market ranked as winning systems. Real lottery winners voted on which system/systems won lottery games for them. This is great solid proof that shows which systems really work and the systems that do not work, polls simply do not lie!

Official Best Winning Lotto Systems Poll Results!


There you have it verified real proof of which systems that have the highest percentages for winning Australian lottery games! If you play the Australian Lottery and are not having good success, it may be in your best interest to change the way you play lotto and use real Australian Lottery effective winning Strategies!


Lotto Guy Lottery System Wins Lotto


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