Most lottery systems are to expensive and way to risky to use over and over to try and win the lottery. Smart Play Lotto has launched their proven winning Lottery Wheels to the public. After reading the well presented sales page, we were eager to add this system and get a test under way to see if these wheels would produce some lotto winning results.

Smart Play Lotto Wheels are ‘smartly’ broken up into 3 categories – Budget, Conservative and Max play options, we really like this option. Each of these adheres to a certain play styles:

– Whether you like throwing down a few bucks here and there on the lottery.

– You are a dedicated gambler with your eyes set firmly on the lottery jackpot.

– Or anywhere in between.

I chose to test and try a 6 number CONSERVATIVE wheel. This is the middle ground wheel that is both effective and efficient in costs. Many others have already gave reviews on these wheels and the results were all positive.

We decided to play a  pick 6 lottery game , other lotteries may vary but as long as it is a pick 5 or 6 number lottery game, this lottery system will work great for you. Popular lottery game choices include Powerball, Euromillions, Mega Millions, Virginia cash 5, Texas Lotto, Florida Lotto, California Lottery, Lotto 649, or any lotto games that fall under Australian Lotteries, South African Lotteries, Canadian Lotteries, UK Lotteries, U.S Lotteries, just about any lottery game in the world.

So one of Smart Play’s Conservative pick 6 wheels tells us to choose 15 numbers and then it shows me how to arrange them in 15 different ways to most effectively cover the winning zone for that lottery draw. Luckily the math is already done for us and I just have to follow a numbered rubric which is very fast and easy to do.

So 15 combinations/tickets at one dollar per ticket cost us $15 for our very first draw. Two days later, we won a 4 out of 6 prize for $87 and two additional 3 out of 6 prizes for $20. Are winnings total was $107 with a net profit of $92. I won multiple times because the wheels arrange my numbers so that if I hit once, the chances are great that another combination will hit as well.

We were happy, but I wasn’t going to let one draw be a measuring stick for this lottery wheeling system. We repeated the same wheel, with slightly different numbers again costing again $15. The following draw we hit three 3 out of 6 number prizes totalling $30. Doubled our money.

Draw 3 the following week turned up completely empty for us, we should have changed our lottery numbers or used a bigger lotto wheel. Almost every line hit 1 or 2 numbers but it wasn’t enough to win us any money. Oh well, can’t expect to win every time, especially on the start of using the system.  Boy did the next draw surprise us! Using the same wheel with slightly adjusted numbers (according to what was hot and cold that month) we hit TWO 4 out of 6 number prizes and THREE 3 out of 6 number wins (excellent winnings). That’s a total win of $314.00. Again we see the lottery wheel winning on multiple lines because of the smart overlapping arrangements, hence the name Smart Play.

Now a couple hundred bucks is always nice to win, but some lottery players are only focused on the lotto jackpot. Remember this, Small consistent wins are great and very hard to come by for the average lottery player. Think back to how many times you’ve lost at the casino or how many quick pick lottery tickets have come up empty for you over the years. Think how much you’re really in the hole. If you would have been playing smart, with a properly working lottery system, you’d be way ahead of the game. Aiming high is never a bad thing, just as long as you have the proper gun and proper scope. This metaphor is what the MAX play wheels are all about. Lots of combinations and lots of numbers arranged perfectly set up to get you that giant winning lottery ticket. BUDGET wheels cost you next to nothing to play and have a significantly good return rate. CONSERVATIVE wheels (our favorite) blend both play styles and budgets to make one hell of a winning lottery system.

Any stay at home mom or dad will enjoy this new winning persona. Date nights just became possible again, and you can now sign up for that expensive TV sports package, we you get the idea.

To conclude, Smart Play Lottery Wheels really impressed us in many ways. I love having the ability to choose how much money I want to spend and not being locked into a big commitment long-term. I love how easy and simple it is to follow and most of all, I love the big winning percentage. We give Smart Play a 5 star rating for price and functionality. Now if I were reviewing the Honda Accord or IPhone 4s, my word would not count for much because A) There are millions of reviews and B) People a lot more qualified than me to review them. But in this case, Smart Play Wheels is in our expertise and yes, in this case we are qualified to report on the lottery.

We will continue to post  reports/results in the coming weeks/months with  the Smart Play Lotto Wheels system to keep you informed and updated. We are not the only ones who report good news about this lotto wheeling system, many review sites are stating very good reviews by users of the system, so it’s definitely a winning system that you should be using and it works much better than any lottery software system on the market.

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