If you live in Australia, you play the Australian Lotto which are very popular lottery games and a good winning strategy is the key to success. The most popular lottery games are as follows,  Monday Night Lotto, Tuesday Lotto or OZ Lotto, Wednesday Night Lotto, Thursday Powerball, or Saturday Night Lotto. Australia is great for playing the lottery as there is a lotto game to play almost everyday of the week. I have seen many Australian lottery players very pissed off that they have a hard time winning these Aussie lotto games. I have also seen many very happy Aussie lotto players that actually win these lotto games most frequently.

When investigated further, it was found out that the lottery players who did not fair well playing games as, Monday night Lotto, or OZ Lotto etc were the people using a very common lotto strategy, or should I say No Strategy, just playing random lottery numbers. This is not the smartest way to win the lottery, you need to use proper systems that are known for giving winning results. The people who obtained the best winning success playing the Australian lottery games were the ones using tested and proven winning systems. There were four lottery systems that Aussie lotto players claimed gave them the best over-all winning results. Here they are in the order of best winning lottery results!

  1. The Lotto Guy Lottery System (This is a very well respected system for winning Australian Lottery games, even has a special system for OZ Lotto)
  2. Smart Play Lotto Wheels (Excellent winning results for Australian Lottery games except OZ Lotto)
  3. Lottery Circle Software ( poor results, best used along with other lotto systems)
  4. Gold Pyramid Lotto System ( OK results for Australian lotto games but better known for winning California Lottery games)

We highly recommend using the top rated systems for best winning results. The Lotto Guy Lottery System won best lottery system in by real user poll votes, we like it!

We also like Smart Play Lotto Wheels, many good reviews by winners and very easy system to use. Also has many wheels for different playing budgets which we like, but does not have a wheel for OZ Lotto.

Pick a top system and stick with it, this is the advice from lotto experts. Do not jump from system to system. It takes time and a little patients when playing the lotteries, just use good strategy and success will eventually follow. I will show you in a best lottery system poll, which lottery systems were voted by real winners as best systems that worked for them. This will no doubt help you pick a good system to increase your chances to win Australian Lottery or other lottery games as well..

2013 best Winning Lottery System Poll Results! Silver Lotto System Failed To Win Lottery Games Therefore Ranked Very Poorly By Voters.

Best winning lottery systems poll results



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  1. Kennith says:

    You certainly know your systems, lotto guy is working great for my games (Australian Lottery) Cheers!

  2. jack says:

    The lotto guy system made me some money, others i tried made me zero money. This is the only system i recommend. Cheers!

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