The Florida Lotto 6/53 holds official FLORIDA LOTTO drawings where six numbers out of 53 lottery numbers will be drawn at random. If your six chosen numbers match the six drawn winning lotto numbers in the official drawing for the date the game was played, you win the FLORIDA LOTTO jackpot. If you match any three, four or five of the drawn winning numbers you win other cash prizes, see odds to win below.

  1. Match 6 (Jackpot Win!) Odds = 1:22,957,480
  2. Match 5 Odds = 1:81,410
  3. Match 4 Odds = 1:1,416
  4. Match 3 Odds = 1:71
Of course we would all love to win the Florida Lotto jackpot, but this is very hard to do, you must improve the odds to win by using proven lotto strategy that has a good track record for hitting winning lottery numbers for this lotto game. We have reviewed many strategies or lottery programs, which claim to give good winning results for Florida Lotto, Florida Fantasy 5 and Florida Powerball Lottery, but when actually tested seriously failed to work as advertised. We then decided to see what the Florida lottery winners were using to win the lotto. It was revealed that most of the lottery winners used a proven lotto winning strategy or lottery system to get better winning results. The two most often used strategies or systems, were the Lotto Guy Lottery System or a lottery wheeling system called Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Then of course there were winners who just won by playing random lottery number, but the percentage of these types of winners is very low.
This definitely shows that a lottery system is the real key to winning not only the Florida Lottery games, but any lotto game in the world!
Some have even reported using these winning 2 lotto systems together to obtain even better win rates. Quite a few Florida Lotto jackpots have been won using the Lotto Guy Lottery System, which we know is an excellent system to use. The Smart Play System seems to really hit the 3 and 4 winning lotto numbers frequently due to the superior design of these tested and proven lottery wheels. The choice is up to you! Use a proven system, get much better winning Florida Lottery results, or use random lottery numbers and just hope for the best.
 You can look at it in another way as this. You would not install spark plugs on your vehicle using a tool not designed for the job, you would want the best results possible, therefore would used a proven tool that works to install spark plugs correct? Well the same thing applies with playing the Florida Lotto games, it’s a No Brainer!

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