How to win the lottery winning secrets are very hard to find, at least the one that actually work! Most real lottery winners use some type of winning strategy or system to pull off frequent lottery winning numbers. No matter what anybody tells you, the key to winning any lottery game whether it be a pick 5, pick 6 or a pick 7 lottery game is the strategy that is being used. If you still believe using random lottery numbers is just as good, why are you not winning lottery games like the pro’s who use the best winning systems? Even your lottery quick picks are a very poor way to play any lotto games, as the odds to win are still very, very small, almost no increase at all!

Recent tests were revealed putting lottery winning results on the line as to which strategy was better to win lotto, lottery quick pick tickets VS self pick lotto numbers and the winner most of the time was the self pick lotto numbers, bet most of you did not know this. Then we have the next stage of lotto winning strategies, which is self picked lotto numbers VS Hot and Cold or past drawn winning lotto numbers, usually sold in a lotto software system form. These types of systems are literally a dime a dozen as they just get the lotto data for free from lottery statistic websites, then they hype it up to sell to you, very misleading! When these two types of lotto strategies were tested, the lotto software or past drawn winning lotto numbers won by giving you about a 2% win rate which is just a little better than using self pick lotto numbers. In reality this strategy is really not even a system, just data to be used with a good system, so don’t be fooled, you simply cannot trust most of these misleading software systems.

So how do you win the lottery? Which winning secret or strategy actually works? I will show you real solid proof of which systems real lottery winners voted on, as the system or strategy that won the lottery for them. These top winning systems are for real, they are not your usual strategies that are full of hot air, no these are the deal! See the official poll results below, it will clearly show you which systems you should be using to win the lottery. (click poll to open larger)

Official Best Winning Lotto Systems Poll Results!


Playing any lottery game  without using a well established winning strategy is like driving blind, you will not go far! Using systems as the Lotto Guy Lottery System (Top Winning System World-Wide will definitely will give you much better odds to win the lottery over any strategy. using the very silly hyped-up nonsense systems as the Lotto Black Book will only make the seller rich not you! Good winning systems like Smart Play Lotto Wheels are also gaining more and more respect as serious lottery winning systems. All I can do for you is supply the lottery winning secrets on how to win the lottery, you have to make your decision on what strategy to use, choose wisely!


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