Do you really want to win the lottery easier? Most lottery players generally use a lotto strategy that is involving past drawn numbers as hot lotto numbers, cold lotto numbers and frequently drawn lotto numbers… then I have some very bad news for you. Most lottery experts and even mathematicians have said for years that no lottery number has a better chance to hit than another lottery number each and every lotto draw. It’s proven that all number combinations start from zero each time. Numbers actually do behave in a pattern that is not random, but not in an orderly fashion either. All lottery software systems use hot and cold number analysis and claim to give great results, this is simply misleading and Not True!

You must also avoid using lottery numbers from birth dates and lottery strategies built on superstition, lucky lotto numbers and plain old bad advice. Many lottery players use the same useless technique in picking their lottery numbers over and over again and win very little. When you get rid of using silly unusual patterns or strategies, then you have a larger percentage of good useable lottery numbers that are more likely to appear in your winning lottery number combinations. What you need to use is a well designed lottery system. The best designed winning lottery systems use this kind of method. We have yet to find a better lottery system than the Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels, which by the way work even better together. Other systems that may have some merit are Win Lotto Systems and an old forgotten system called Gold Pyramid if you can still find it. I wish there were more systems that actually did something to help really win lotteries, but there simply is only a few legit ones, you are lucky to have found this article.

Using the above lotto strategies has resulted in various lottery prize winners having won more than one major lottery prize. A lady who won one million dollars playing Pennsylvania Lottery won yet another million on the same lotto game later that year. Also an In Australian a lottery player who had already won one million dollars playing the Lotto was one of three winners sharing in the games lottery jackpot prize of $500,000. A shoe salesman playing Florida lotto also winning two lottery jackpots in the same year.

These types of lottery winning occurrences do not happen very often when using silly useless methods, strategies, or lottery systems. You must learn to play much smarter or learn to lose more gracefully the choice is your’s. You can’t win the lottery by wishing it, you must play to win the lottery by using proper proven systems and that is a fact!

Lotto Guy Lottery System Review The Truth

Lotto Winning Strategies

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    I see other lottery blogs and lottery forums backing up what you are saying, finally some truthful advice which is good to see. I’ve certainly picked up something new from your lottery review, will give it a go.

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