This Lottery Circle Software Review is to educate people on what this lottery system is really all about. We are receiving complaints about the Lottery Circle Software system sold by Ace Lee not living up to what is advertised about the system. It is time to make this very clear. The seller of the Lottery Circle System is Ace Lee and he is NOT a lottery expert by any means. Ace Lee sells many lottery systems, all which are composed of material commonly found for free online. His Lottery Circle Software system is just your very common past drawn numbers type system and has been tested many times over with very poor results.

We really do not like fact that lottery system sellers such as Ace Lee, state obvious misleading claims on how great their systems work. The Lottery Circle System claims a 96 percent win rate, which is pure Rubbish! We have seen over and over that this lotto software system will not give you much more than a 2 percent win rate, a far cry from 96% win rate Ace Lee claims. In fact if you really want the truth, these types of lottery software systems are not really systems at all, they are just information that can be used with real lottery systems. You don’t need to buy these lotto software systems as you can get the same information free from lottery statistic websites if you really want it, which is where these sellers get the information to sell to you!

The Lottery Circle Software System is nothing but false advertising and hype to sell very common easy to obtain material. Never believe the ridiculous win rates Ace Lee gives for his systems, he is simply using underhanded shady selling tactics. You should also be warned of the fact many affiliates sell the Lottery Circle System, so there are many fake reviews, as they want to make commission from selling the system. Think about this, if a lottery system worked well at winning the lottery games, why would a system be sold through ClickBank so affiliates can sell it and make the seller money? The answer is simple, the system wins nothing, so must sell as a gimmick to make money. About 90% of the lottery systems being sold are in fact fake systems, ONLY use systems that are reputable and have been tested and proven in real life, by real users.

Did you know the Lottery Circle Software Prediction system was included in a best winning lottery system poll. This poll was to see real proof which lottery systems were actually  winning lotteries, or not winning lotteries by real users. Here is the actual results of that best winning lottery system poll below. You can see the winning system was the Lotto Guy Lottery System taking 83% of the votes as best winning system. This is one of the real lottery systems people are recommending to use, as it has been tested thoroughly by many and has won many lottery games worldwide! Use a good system, get good results, it’s that simple!


Best Winning Lottery System Poll

Best Winning Lottery System Poll

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