We are asked routinely How to play the lottery more efficiently by lottery players looking for better strategies or proven ways to win the lottery. Not to long ago, I myself was looking for these answers to these exact same questions. I lost countless hours trying various strategies and systems and yes, lost thousands of dollars until I eventually found much better systems how to play the lottery and actually win frequently.  Seriously! There are basically ONLY 2 ways you can play lottery:

  • Play the lotto to win real lottery money, and this does require you to actually believe you can win and you must play consistently using a proven system or lotto strategy.
  • Or you can play the lotto to lose your money like the majority of lottery players. Just simply play as you do now and using random lottery numbers or lottery quick pick tickets and hope for the best.

How to play the lottery is a real guide is for those of you who actually plan to win the lottery frequently, not just once in a blue moon. By winning the lottery or hitting winning lotto numbers, I don’t mean you are going to hit big jackpots all the time. I mean you are going to win a few hundred or a few thousand on a weekly or monthly basis depending how you play. Of course you also have a good chance of  winning the lottery jackpot every drawing.

The reason most people want to win the lottery is for financial freedom, or a new home to live in, or to just travel around the world and enjoy life. Whatever your reason is, you must first learn how to play the lottery correctly to actually win the lottery . The sad truth is there are many types of lotto systems, most are useless junk and should not be used, as you will simply will waste your time and money.
There are many very successful lottery players, some of these lottery experts win more than $100,000 – $50,000 from winning the lotto every year. They all use proven established winning strategies for playing and winning the lottery, this is why they win and you do not! There’s are no magic system, or secret lotto system developed by a math professor as many systems claim, only lottery systems that work and systems that fail, that the bottom line!

Right now you must stop wasting your time on using silly hyped up lottery systems, this is the biggest mistake people are doing. These systems are full of false promises, or seriously unrealistic win rates. These bogus systems even claim to give you guaranteed refunds, this is a sign of a scam system, so don’t fall for it, No Real System Will Offer A 60 Guaranteed Refund.

You need to use a tried, tested and proven lottery system to even have a chance to win the lottery. If you need one that works for sure, you can use the same systems many others use for real winning results, which is also the same systems some real lottery winners highly recommend you use. The two most recommended winning reputable lottery systems are:

1) The Lotto Guy Lottery System

2) Smart Play Lotto Wheels

After choosing one of these systems study it well, so you know how to use it properly, then play your lottery game consistently, not off and on! Invest in playing more lotto tickets as will increase your win rate even more. Playing one or two lottery tickets will very rarely win you any money, so play more lottery tickets to increase your winning odds, this is must do.

To win the lottery successfully all you need to do is apply the lottery tips you have learned in this article and you will definitely see good to very good lottery winning success, this is how to play the lottery to win frequently!

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    Nice article – i have learnt much reading it, you guys know your stuff when it comes to helping us lottery players win easier, very nice!

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