Many people have tested out the Silver Lotto System and have posted their results and we can tell you the system isn’t what you think! The days have finally arrived where the real truth about lottery systems such as Silver Lotto System are being revealed, no longer will you have to be fooled by all the misleading reviews written by the many affiliates trying to sell Ken Silver’s Silver Lotto System, trying to make a fast buck.

Trying to win the lottery using the Silver Lotto formula created by Ken Silver is a huge disappointment, nothing that is advertised about this virtually useless system is true and we are exposing the truth. The system claims to give you a win rate of 98%, YA RIGHT!! If the win rate was in fact real, then where are all these lottery winners and why does Ken Silver not show any real proof of his own winning lottery tickets, instead shows you bunch of claimed winning tickets out of focus, so you cannot see that the tickets are all really losing lottery tickets or very low winners. Every single real user we found of this Silver Lotto formula has reported it was a waste of time and money. One person tested the Silver Lotto system for one year and said he was lucky that he did not actually use real money, just did it on paper and would have lost over $2400 on losing lottery tickets, there is no 98% win rate for this system, try more like a 1%-2% win rate. You must know this, Ken Silver is a known misleading marketer selling all sorts of products, he is in no way shape or form a lottery expert. Ken Silver is really an expert at getting you to buy products as his Silver Lotto System by using false advertising and once he has your money, you will never see it again. Lottery review sites are reporting to stay clear of anything Ken Silver sells and never give this marketer your credit card information.

The FTC is closing in on some of these false lottery systems and shutting them down. Three well known lottery systems are now closed down and gone, all were fake systems making big misleading claims, just like Ken Silver Silver Lotto. If you think you are reading a positive review on this silver Lotto System, open the link they give you to the sales page, if it is a click-bank sales page, it is an affiliate selling the system and of course the review will be totally fake to push you into a sale. The Silver Lotto System is pure nonsense and does not win the lottery as claimed. There are much better systems out there that have been verified to really win lottery games, these are the systems you should be using instead of false systems created by marketers and publishers as Ken Silver. Where do you think Ken Silver gets all of his material to sell to you? From the Internet of course. Email Ken Silver and ask to see his 2.7 million dollar winning lottery ticket, see what happens, you will not get a reply or he will feed you some B.S story, but you will never see any winning lottery tickets (with codes to verify) as there is none!

Checkout the reviews on the Silver Lotto System on these lottery review sites as  Lotto System Reviews even Lottery Systems Reviews. You must be very careful purchasing lottery systems, as most are sold by marketers and win never work the way they are advertised to, many show you fake testimonials just like the fake ones found on the Silver Lotto System website. If you want more proof that the Silver Lotto System is not worth your time, see the official best winning lotto system poll below for 2013, this solid proof will show you very clearly where the Silver Lotto System ranks amongst the many lotto systems on the market.

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2013 best Winning Lottery System Poll Results! Silver Lotto System Failed To Win Lottery Games Therefore Ranked Very Poorly By Voters.

The thing about polls is they do not lie! You cannot cheat them as using fake testimonials and so on. As you see for yourself, the Silver Lotto System created by self proclaimed lottery expert Ken Silver placed very poorly, did not even make it to the top three systems people voted on as systems that won the lottery for them. This clearly again shows you that Ken Silver misleads people by advertising a huge 98 percent win rate or as Ken Silver says, system will win 8 out of 10 lotto draws. The silver Lotto system is combined with his Lotto 80 system which is basically another ploy to get you to buy more from Ken Silver. The Lotto 80 system is just Ken Silver sending you lotto numbers to play, where does he get the data from? Off the Internet for free at lottery statistic websites, nothing special and all proven to help very little to win lottery games.

Which lottery systems are winning lottery games? The Lotto Guy Lottery System has been the top lottery system for the 2012 poll and now the latest lottery poll. This system is the number one winning system used by real lottery winners. Next we have an excellent lottery wheeling system that many highly recommend, Smart Play Lotto Wheels is now know to be the best lottery wheeling system in the world, it’s easy to use and very effective. All legit lottery review sites also give these two systems two thumbs up!

Here is something you can do to help rid the Internet of these useless fake lottery systems such as Silver Lotto. Post a link to this article on your website to let others know the truth! If you have been taken by the Silver Lotto System or any other system sold through clickbank, report them to clickbank support and the FTC. Marketers as Ken Silver are fooling people everday and laughing all the way to the bank while you get stuck with a bogus lottery system.

The fact is, almost ALL good Silver Lotto System Reviews are actually written by Ken Silver himself or one of the many affiliates promoting the system trying to earn commission sales, that is the only way they can make money with this lottery system, not by winning any lottery games the Silver Lotto System according to all legit sources is not worth using.


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  1. Grandale S says:

    I’ve used this silver lotto system for sometime and seriously gave it my best, it does not work at all.. definitely an unwise investment, also no one in support, never reply to any of my questions and no refund as advertised by Ken Silver. I guess all those bad reviews on this dude are for real!

  2. M Parrish says:

    I have been had dealings with Ken Silver and his Silver Lotto System. The system is a crock! Mostly just made up garbage to mislead you, you win nothing and could not get a refund as guaranteed, again just a crock! Read silver lotto system reviews from the many review sites these are real, not fake as seen in google search) Have tried to contact this Ken Silver but the email address is not valid or refuses to reply, again a load of crock! Now I am having to cancel my credit card before he direct debits my card again so be careful it’s all true he is a CROOK!

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