Strategies for winning the lotto are plentiful, most win lotto strategies fail and none will be guaranteed to be a winning strategy, until now! We are routinely asked which system or lotto strategies, work or do not work to win the lottery. We have investigated, reviewed and even tested many lottery systems that claim to win lotto guaranteed and have only found a few systems that are legit. The majority of these lotto systems whether it be a lotto software system, an lotto odds system, a lottery wheeling system etc are full and I do mean full, of lies and false advertising to suck you in.

We have seen many reviews of real lottery winners who use specific lottery systems and this is solid evidence of a good winning system or winning strategy. On the other-hand, we see many reviews on systems that never win any lottery games, yet they have testimonials that say other wise, but sadly these testimonials can be tracked and we know they are totally fake! So you see if you are trying to win the Florida Lotto, California Lottery, or Powerball Lottery, and you use one of these fake systems, you will never win the lottery and you will say “lottery systems don’t work”, which isn’t true, you just used a garbage system sold by a shady marketer.

Here is the Truth! Most Pick 5 and Pick 6 lottery games around the world are being won by only a few lottery systems. The best winning real lottery system is the Lotto Guy Lottery System, which has in fact won California Lottery, Florida Lottery, Texas Lotto, Lotto 649, Lotto Max (lotto guy system has a special pick 7 system just for Lotto Max) Virginia Lottery, Oklahoma Lottery, Ohio Lottery, Kansas Lottery, Illinois Lottery, Iowa Lottery, PA Lottery, German Lotto 649, South African Lottery, UK Lotto, Australian Lottery (has special system for OZ Lotto) and many other lotto games world-wide. The system actually won best winning lottery system in 2012 out of 15 top used lottery systems as Silver Lotto System, Lottery Circle software, Formula 1 Lotto System, The Lotto Black Book System, Lottery Audit, Win Lotto Systems and 8 other well known lottery programs that got their ass kicked by the Lotto Guy Lottery System, how’s that for a serious winning system?

Yes, there are a few other systems that also do very well at winning the lottery games as Smart Play Lotto wheels, which is the best winning lottery wheeling system the world over. Most people playing lotto are pushed to use Gail Howard’s lottery wheels, as it is hugely advertised, but when compared to Smart Play’s wheels, Smart Play simply crushes Gail Howard’s wheels where win rates are observed. Simply put, Gail Howard’s wheels are put together by a publisher (Gail Howard is a publisher not a lottery expert), where as Smart Play’s wheels are put together by real professionals that actually tested and proved the wheels before releasing them. No other wheeling system has better lottery wheels, all Smart Play’s wheels have won at least 3 lottery jackpots and are very easy to use.

So you want a win lotto guaranteed winning strategy? There you have it, just use one or both of the best lottery systems real lottery winners use and highly recommend. There are No short cuts or lotto secrets to winning the lottery, the only way to win is by using proven systems with winning track records to effectively boost, even explode your win rates. Stick with these systems and you will be guaranteed to win the lottery!

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