The Lotto Guy Lottery System is definitely a serious winning lottery system, that many real lottery winners use and highly recommend. Many lottery players want to know if the Lotto Guy Lottery System, is a Good system to improve your odds or a Bad system to use? The truth is most lottery systems that are on the market promise big lottery wins, but never work as advertised costing many people to waste their money trying to find a way to win the lottery. The Lotto Guy Lottery System is a totally different kind of system that does not make false claims, it has been verified to deliver exactly what it advertises, a realistic, not the usual exaggerated very high win rates. The Lotto Guy System does in fact increase your chances to win lottery games and if used correctly can give you some very serious lottery winnings! Just remember that no legit lottery system can guarantee you win, they can only assist in improving your chances to hit winning lottery numbers easier.

The sad part is most lottery systems are really just silly made up systems sold by marketers as a business gimmicks to make fast money from you the buyer!  However! There is a new kid on the block called Lotto Guy Lottery System and this system is not like the rest of the common systems we see day in and day out.  This excellent winning system actually does work as advertised to a tune of delivering you about a thirty percent increased real win rate. How good is this top ranked winning system? The Lotto Guy Lottery system was voted by poll votes, as the best winning lottery system out of many top well known systems. All of these so-called top winning lottery systems promise you ridiculous win rates, some as high as 98% for the Silver Lotto System and 96% for the Lottery Circle Software System (up to date they have removed those win rates as caught using false advertising). Well polls do not exaggerate, when these misleading systems went up against a real Tested and Proven system, namely the Lotto Guy Lottery System, they simply all failed to deliver claimed lotto winning results. This is not just opinion, but real verified proof to show the system is in fact for real!

The Lotto Guy Lottery System is not sold by any marketers and was developed by real techs using real data, number pattern analysis, which is much different than the usual past drawn number analysis, most all other lottery software systems are based on. This is partly why the system works so well for many people, it gives real results. It is the only real legit Tested and Proven lottery system for most pick 5, pick 6 and pick 7 lottery games. There are very few other lottery programs that will ever come close to the pure winning power of this awesome formula type system (not software). We have seen reviews from real lottery winners who used this system and highly recommend it for winning lottery games such as, Texas Lotto, Florida Lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, California Lottery, Ohio Lottery, Michigan Lottery, Georgia Lottery, New York Lottery, Canadian Lotteries including Lotto Max plus more!

Take a look at the first best lottery system poll results, see who won with 83% of the votes, it was the Lotto Guy Lottery System. You cannot win polls such as this by getting poor winning results and that is a solid fact!

2012 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results


Need more proof? Here is the latest or second best winning lottery system poll which included more so-called top winning systems years later. Once again the winning system with the most votes went to the Lotto Guy Lottery System. (Click poll below to open larger)

Lotto Guy Lottery System Wins Best Winning Lotto System.

Lotto Guy Lottery System Wins Best Winning Lotto System.


Questions Asked about The Lotto Guy Lottery System:

  1. Will the system guarantee that I will win? No the system does not guarantee you will win, no system can do that, if it states can, it is not legit. Also the system works in a manner that if used correctly, slowly builds up your odds to win every lottery draw.
  2. Is the system easy to use? Yes the system is easy to use for most people, you do have to actually learn to use the system, it is not a silly software system, you know the kind that you push a button and out comes some numbers you should play, but where did those numbers come from? This system is designed to put your numbers into much better winning groups.
  3. How many lottery tickets or lines of numbers do I need to play using the system? The recommended minimum amount of lottery tickets you should use with the system is eight to twelve per lotto draw.
  4. Is there support just in case I need help with something? Yes, they have very good support unlike most other lottery systems that have little to no support at all.
  5. Does the system have a refund policy? No there are no refunds as is a gambling product and they do not guarantee you will win, no type of gambling is a guarantee.. Most all systems that state have a money back refund, just use it to pull you into the sale, you very rarely ever will get a refund as system is just made-up and sold by a common marketer. This has been thoroughly verified as reported by many people.

With all the tests and solid reviews on this very powerful superior Lotto Guy Lottery System, it definitely would be a very wise choice to apply it if you play the lottery on a regular basis. This will make an improvement to your strategy to win the lottery easier. Our Recommendation report is, it seriously would be very hard to find a better lottery system, it should be the first lottery system you try for real serious improved winning success!! The Lotto Guy Lottery System is now exposed as one of the very few real winning systems!


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  1. Mark Castelioni says:

    Really appreciate you taking the time to write a review on the Lotto Guy Lottery System so can be fully aware of the systems potential. I like this review as shows me proof, where as read other systems reviews and they exaggerate to make sound good, yet no back up evidence to establish.


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