Realistically winning the lottery is very hard to do, you need to apply realistic lottery winning tips to really succeed. The fact is, lottery jackpots are steadily on the increase which in return attracts more and more people to invest in playing the lottery. The sad part is most people who play the lottery, really have no idea how to play correctly to increase their chances to win easier.

Most people think that any winning lottery numbers can be drawn at any time, so what is the point of using strategy, just picks out some random lottery numbers, as they have just as good of a chance to hit as any other number. While this is kinda true, if you investigate lottery numbers and patterns, you would see that certain numbers and patterns hit much more often than others. Armed with this type of information or what we call realistic lottery winning tips, you will definitely increase your chances to win much easier than if you did not apply these lottery tips.

So what are the best realistic lottery tips to apply?

  1. The first lottery tip which is the most powerful and effective tip is to use a verified real winning lottery system. A lottery system is your only special designed tool specifically meant for increasing your odds to hit winning lottery numbers.
  2. The next lottery tip you should apply is very simple yet very helpful. Play more lottery tickets than you do now. More lottery tickets played, equals better odds to win, just common sense!
  3. If you can, play the lottery game that has the best odds to win. This is another basic common sense strategy, the easier the lottery game is to win, the better right off the bat for you to win easier.

What are some lottery tips to avoid?

  1. Forget about playing lottery quick picks they will not boost your odds much if at all.
  2. Do not pick your lottery numbers by very common methods as birth-dates, lucky numbers, or horoscope numbers and so on. These are just common silly ways people have grown up thinking they have some benefit, but in reality will not help you at all win the lottery.

So let’s now assume you are willing to change the way you play the lottery, by stepping up to a much smarter strategy as in using a verified proven lottery system, where do you find the best system? This is where I can save you a huge amount of wasted time and money. The best winning lottery systems are now revealed in the latest poll results for all to see, this makes things much easier for you!

Checkout the systems that received the highest votes by real users/winners of these systems, pick the system that looks right for you and then just stick with it.


There is no doubt about it, using a top ranked real winning lottery system will definitely better your chances at winning the lottery over any other lottery winning tips period! Of course you can choose the system you think is best for you and you match it up against our two best choices. This of course for us is a no brainer, as the two best winning lottery systems are:

Lotto Guy Lottery System

Smart Play Lotto Wheels

Both of these excellent winning systems work in completely different ways. Both systems are highly recommended by real lottery winners, so you really cannot go wrong with either system. Just remember, that just because it is a lottery system does not mean you will win the lottery for sure. It just means by using a good system or strategy, your chances to win will increase much more so, than if you did not use a lottery system at all. Just like any other types of gambling, having a game plan or strategy, or using real lottery winning tips is real your key to much better winning success and that is a true fact!


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