Discovering real proven lotto winning secrets to help increase your odds to win the lottery. Want to rake in the smaller lottery cash prizes over and over again, while waiting to hit the big lotto jackpot prize?

There are many strategies you can use to increase your odds to win lottery games, but which lotto strategies actually work as many simply fail? Lotto Quick Picks plain and simply do not work well to win lotto games. Picking your own random lottery numbers works better than quick picks and has been proven. Lets look at past drawn numbers or number frequencies systems or lotto analysis systems as these are very common lotto strategies, that most lotto software systems are based on. It has been proven that using past drawn numbers strategy will increase your odds to win better than picking your own random numbers, but not by very much. Most lottery systems that are based on this strategy will totally lie to you and say your winning odds will increase by 96% to 98% using their system, this is a total lie! At the very most, your odds will increase only a few percent, so do not fall for this garbage.

Next is lottery wheeling systems or wheeling programs. These types of lotto systems can increase your odds to a good degree, but there are way to many of these wheels out there that are simply useless. It would cost you a small fortune to find a good one. Again many lottery systems are based on lottery wheels, all state will give you big wins, again I am sorry to say 95% of these wheels simply are useless. One very good example is a popular lottery system called Silver Lotto System. The seller of this system (Ken Silver) states how great it is and you will most certainly win if you use it. This is just a huge lie to make you buy that lotto system, I have tried it, it is virtually useless at increasing your odds to win any lotto game. I have read many posts of other people who have tried this Silver Lotto and all say it is junk, so you must be careful as 95% of these so-called lottery system will not help you at all.

I went through all of these lotto strategies and came up with empty pockets, until I found a truly effective lottery system that actually does increase your odds to win. This lottery systems is Not a wheeling type system or a common past drawn number system. This new type of lottery system have been proven to increase your win rate at least by 30% and this is a real analysis not some fake crap. This lotto system just recently won a poll for best lottery system of 2012 and 2013 plus many people report good solid win rates using the system. This is the only lotto system or lotto strategy I can seriously recommend for you to use. You can find this excellent system at this website Lotto Guy Lottery System. I have tried it all and the only lotto system that has made me money is this lotto guy system, it is the real deal, you simply cannot get anything better system.

I have found many real lottery winners who are using the Lotto Guy System and winning play lottery games world-wide such as:

  • California Lottery
  • Texas Lottery
  • Florida Lottery
  • Georgia Lottery
  • Virginia Lottery
  • Ohio Lottery
  • Lotto max
  • Lotto 649
  • PA Lottery
  • UK Lotto
  • OZ Lotto
  • Colorado Lottery
  • Washington Lottery
  • Powerball Lottery
  • Mega Millions

Plus others, the point is the system works and does increase your chances to win the lotto! I only recommend systems that have real value and seriously there are not very many good winning lottery systems around, so when you get a good one just stick with it.

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