Playing the lottery and actually winning the lottery are two different things, this is why you really should be using a lottery system. Without out a system or strategy you are simply playing the lottery and when using a lotto system you are increasing your odds to win the lotto and is now the intelligent way to play lotto.

Now you see that using a lotto strategy is the smart way to play, you now need to pick your lottery system very wisely, as there are as many types of lottery systems that plain and simply put, do nothing to help you win the lottery. Most lottery systems or lotto strategies do very little to help increase your odds to win the lotto and really, this is what is needed to have real success!

Lets skip past past the many lottery systems out there and focus on systems that have won many lotto games. Smart Play Lotto Wheels lottery wheeling system is a highly Tested and Proven lottery wheeling system. It has been verified to increase your win rates and at the same time keep your costs down. There are many reports of real lottery winners using this outstanding system. Not all lottery wheeling system win lottery games.

Did you know most lottery wheeling systems are just made-up quickly from software and sold as a supposed good system? It’s true, lottery wheeling systems are great winning systems if you can find one that is developed and design correctly, that’s the key! Smart Play Lotto Wheels is not a lottery software type system, it is a pen and paper type wheeling system that you put your numbers to play into.

The Smart Play Lotto Wheel system is a superior correctly design system, that is why so many people win using it. This system has won lotto games as  Canadian Lotto Games as Lotto 6/49, New York Lottery, Texas Lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions and so on. 

The honest truth is almost all lottery systems will not do much to increase your win rates or increase your odds to win the lottery by very much, no matter what they claim. All lottery software systems are basically all the same system. Just lottery analysis of past drawn numbers, or the most frequently drawn lottery numbers and the not as frequently drawn lottery numbers. This is not really even a lottery system at all and does not help your odds to win very much. Lottery statistics (same as what lotto software systems give you) are free for all pick 5 and pick 6 lottery games.

There is no need to buy any lottery software systems to get the same information, so don’t be fooled and keep your money! Use a real wheeling system, pen and paper so you have control.

On the other hand lottery wheeling systems are one of the best types of lotto systems to use, but again it MUST be a verified Tested and Proven system such as the Smart Play Lotto Wheel system or you will not obtain winning lottery results. Good wheeling systems are extremely hard to find, but when used will allow you to hit not just one winning number combination, but multiple winning combinations for some serious lottery winnings. This is how you really win the lottery, not by using some silly hyped up lottery software.

Many lottery players and top review sites like this smart play system as it really does work well. It’s also a very easy to use pen and paper system along with special strategies and has helped many people win the lottery, it’s definitely a winner!

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  1. kane reudara says:

    Tremendous issues here, so many lottery software systems, wheeling systems out, you never know what is real. I am very glad to have found your article, you supply honest reviews. Thanks a lot and I’m having a look at the smart play lotto wheel system, I contact you. Will you please drop me an email if any other good systems are found?

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