With a whopping $338 million Powerball ticket having been sold in New Jersey, being the fourth largest jackpot in Powerball Lottery history, sudden gains of a lottery windfall can be overwhelming. Here’s one of the sad lottery stories that happened to Sharon Tirabassi, a 35 year-old Hamilton, Ontario resident, who won $10,569,00.10 playing Powerball and now tens years later all the winning are gone! Just Imagine yourself winning $10 million and having almost none of your winning left less than a decade later.

Sharon Tirabassi, spent almost all her winnings on a big house, designer clothes,  expensive cars, big parties, expensive exotic trips, many handouts to her family and loans to close friends and other stuff as vacations in Cancun, Florida, Las Vegas, California, the Caribbean. Her vehicles were a Hummer, a Mustang, a Dodge Charger, a custom Cadillac Escalade and now she’s back in the working class again, even riding the bus and living in a rented house. The remains of her big lottery windfall is in a trust fund for her six children and the money will become available when they turn the age of 26 years old.

Tirabassi  gave $1 million to her parents, and $1.75 million split among her four siblings. She was very generous with others as well, buying houses and renting them out at very low rates, also paying people’s rent, giving loans for bail plus business ventures. All this was fun at the start, but now it is over and back to the old way of life before winning the lottery. This is a warning to others who want to win the lottery, but are not capable of controlling large financial funds. It is very hard to hit a big lotto win and will only come once in a life time if you are lucky, but be prepared to have some control if and when you do win big playing the lottery.

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