Illinois lotto is a pick 6 lottery from 52 numbers game with poor odds to win, you must increase your odds to win in your favor if you expect success! Most people playing the lottery rarely even win a 3 lotto number winner as the strategy they use is very poor. So what lotto strategy should you be using to win the Illinois lottery games such as Illinois Powerball, Mega Million, Illinois Lotto, Lucky Day Lotto which used to be little lotto? You need a winning proven system that real winners are using for these IL state lottery games.

After thoroughly investigating all lottery software systems, lottery prediction systems and so on that claim good winning results for Illinois lottery games there were ONLY two systems that stand out from the rest and have verified winning track records for these games. They are:

  1. Lotto Guy Lottery System
  2. Smart Play Lotto Wheels System 

Both systems or strategies seem to have similar win rates for the Illinois lotto games. The Smart Play system would be the system of choice for sheer ease of use, but does cost a little more. No matter which system you use it will definitely increase your winning success and is the smarter way to play for sure.

We have seen more reviews by real lottery winners, who won the Illinois lottery using the lotto guy system, so you may want to keep this in mind. On the other hand, an Illinois lottery jackpot was recently won and the Smart Play system was the strategy used. Just remember, if you do not use a strategy that is proven you will go no where, as is the case with thousands of IL lotto players. Use a good system to stay ahead of the losing lotto players, be smart, play to win!

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