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Posted: 22nd September 2017 by admin in Lottery
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One of the most sought after things in the world is how to win the lottery and yes it can be done, if you know how to play correctly. We all play the lottery and want to know how to win the lottery to win big, but are you really playing the lottery in the best possible way to succeed? Only a small percentage of lottery players actually know how to win the lottery and it is not rocket science, you can actually do it! The first thing you must do, is of course change the way you play the lottery, as obviously the method you play by is not working for you! The easiest part of playing the lottery is buying your lottery tickets, but that is about the only easy part of trying to win the lottery, now lets take a look at real lottery tips that work and do not work at winning the lottery.

How to win the lottery strategies and tips that do not work at winning lottery are as follows:

  • Playing lottery quick picks for the most part is a complete waste of time and money. Lottery quick pick generally give you the worst odds at winning a lottery cash prize.
  • Filing out your lottery ticket slips using plain old random lottery numbers, is a little better than using quick picks, but not by much and again will give you very poor odds to win the lottery.
  • Using your Horoscope Lottery Numbers is a method used my many to choose their lottery numbers, but here is the outcome of playing lotto with this strategy. When compared with lottery quick picks and just plain old random lottery numbers, your Horoscope lottery Numbers rank about the same as using random lottery numbers, so again that is not how to win the lottery and is just basically putting you back to a direct game of chance.

How to win the lottery strategies and tips that do work to win the lottery are as follows:

  • Pick your lottery numbers from a mixed group, never pick your numbers as 23-24-25-26 and so on as will most likely never hit.
  • Play the lottery games that already give the best odds to win over lottery games with much worse odds, you have just increased your odds to win for free.
  • Pick hot lottery numbers, meaning numbers that seem to get drawn frequently, this strategy can increase your win rates a little (about two percent).
  • Use a real tested and proven reputable lottery system. This is the best lottery tip and strategy you can apply to increase your winning success rate, there is no better! The hard part is finding a reputable winning system out of the many on the market (80% of lottery systems are fake), but not to worry, I will show you solid proof of which lottery systems real lottery winners use and recommend.

Below is real solid verified proof of which lottery systems are the real deal, meaning proof of systems that win the lottery as voted on by real lottery winners. You can click on the poll to open larger to see more clearly, the best to worse winning systems, then choose the system that is best for you and stick with it! We obviously like the top winning systems as the winner Lotto Guy Lottery System as good systems generally give you good winning success! Even using two or more systems off and on is actually not a bad strategy and seems to work well with many lottery players, just a good how to win the lottery lottery tip that most people do not realize.

Official Best Winning Lotto Systems Poll Results!

Official Best Winning Lotto Systems Poll Results!


So you see winning the lottery, or how to win the lottery can be seriously increased if you eliminate a few non-winning common strategies and use more legit real lottery winning strategies and tips. It really is not rocket science, just apply better strategy, use a little patience and playing the lottery consistently, is really how to Win the lottery and that my friends is the honest truth!

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