You want to know more about the Lottery Circle Software system and exactly what this lotto software system can do for you? Good, then read on, I will give you a completely honest in-depth review of what this system is all about and what you can expect from using it.

The Lottery Circle system is a software based lottery program created by Ace Lee, who is an Ex-Lotto Retailer who when worked in a grocery store met real lottery winners and says he found out many secrets and lotto strategies that would help others win the lottery. This is all very nice to hear, but I have one problem with this information and how it exactly could turn Ace Lee into a lottery expert. I have used his Lottery Circle system and have seen what the system is all about and what it can and cannot do. It is a lotto software, push a button system that gives you basically your past drawn lottery numbers and gives you the most frequently drawn numbers and least frequently drawn lotto numbers going back many lottery draws.

The system is not un-like many other lottery software systems being sold, so really there is nothing special that I can see that Ace Lee would have picked up being a Lotto Retailer. These lotto software systems are just information, not really a system. The information the Lottery Circle gives you is actually available online for free at official lottery websites for your lotto game. Actually, you can just do the same-thing yourself, there is no need to go back farther than 10-20 lottery draws at the most to obtain your hot and cold lottery numbers. This is where I have a problem with the system, as it really is a waste of money and Ace Lee pushes the system at you claiming a quite ridiculous win rate of 96%, which is just a load of B.S. The best this system could do in my testing, was about a 2% win rate which is about the same most other users report.

I see many reviews on the Lottery Circle System that say it works great! But when I looked a little closer I found out all of these reviews were by affiliates from click bank selling the system, so of course they mislead you into thinking it is a winning system, when it is not. Even all of the lottery system review sites report the system does not work as advertised and recommend to avoid it.

I actually searched the Internet for hours and could not find even one legit lottery winner who used this lotto software system. Now to top off my review of the Lottery Circle System, I will show you an official poll results of the 2013 best winning lottery system. Twenty one systems were entered including Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle. Check out the results below (click to enlarge)

2013 best Winning Lottery System Poll Results!

As you can see for yourself, the Lottery Circle System did not fair very well at all, so again this is more substantial proof this lotto software system does not give you a 96% win rate or many people would be winning lottery games with it and would have voted for the system. The clear winner of the 2013 poll was the Lotto Guy Lottery System, which was also the 2012 best winning lottery system as well. The two other well voted on systems were Smart Play Lotto Wheels 2nd place and Gail Howard’s lottery wheels 3rd place, but sorry the Lottery Circle Software system did not fair very well, so my point is the system is just made-up to sound great, but it is really nothing special!

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