Powerball and Mega Million are huge very popular lottery games, that do require using good reputable lotto strategy to get real winning results. You will always get much better results hitting Powerball winning lottery numbers, or Mega Million winning lottery numbers by using a real lotto winning strategy over just plain old random lottery numbers. It is now thoroughly proven that you must use a lottery system or strategy, if you are serious about increasing your odds to win the lottery.

Your next step is of course to find and use a real winning system that real lottery winners use and recommend. The ugly truth is there are about 40 or so lottery systems all claiming they will win the lottery for you, but sorry to inform you, most of these lotto software systems or lotto strategies are just pulling your leg, they hype-up their systems to sell, but they do not win lottery games. We have investigated just about every lottery system there is and seriously, it blew our minds at how many of these systems were actual totally fake! We can point out to you that any system that has affiliates also selling the system, is bad news. These types of systems were 90% all fake! Even the reviews on the systems were fake as written by affiliates just filling you with B.S to make a sale. Not to worry, we can show you proof of which system real lottery winners are using, just stick to one or more of these top winning systems and you will be good to go.

Even though there are a few very good winning systems, we are focusing on which system has the best winning track record for winning the big Powerball and Mega Million lottery games. In our in-depth research we find one system that most are recommending for these lottery games, Smart Play Lotto wheels System. These lottery wheels have all won lottery games and are the best winning lottery wheels in the entire world! One bonus to using these lotto wheels is they are extremely easy to use, great for all lottery players even newbies. See the official best winning lottery system poll results below (click poll to enlarge) and look at the second best winning system real lottery winners voted on it was Smart Play Lotto Wheels! This backs-up the research we did and we give this winning system two thumbs up!

Official Best Winning Lotto Systems Poll Results!

Yes, the Lotto Guy Lottery System was the ultimate winning system and it real is a great system for winning lottery games, but the Smart Play System has the best winning track record for Powerball and Mega Millions.  Look at where some of these other so-called great winning systems placed. Most every single system that states ridiculous high win rates failed to win lottery games, that should tell you something right there. Any lottery system claiming higher win rates than 30-35 % is misleading you greatly, now you know the truth or inside scoop to which systems are really winning lottery games as Florida Lotto, California Lottery, Texas Lotto, OZ Lotto, Lotto Max, Powerball, Mega Millions, Georgia Lottery, Ohio Lottery, Idaho Lottery, Michigan Lottery, Lotto 649, South African Lottery, well you get what I am saying.  Use the correct winning strategy and your lottery winning chance will improve greatly!

Smart Play Lotto Wheels

Lotto Guy Lottery System


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