I want to reveal the real truth about the Lotto Black Book lottery system by Larry Blair. Larry Blair in reality is not an Oklahoma Math Professor at all, actually Larry Blair is just a made name and scenario, used along with tons of false advertising to sell a seriously hype-up lottery system. If there was ever a lottery system full of B.S, this Lotto Black Book formula system is right at the top of the list.  All reputable lottery system review sites warn you against buying this very misleading system. I also warn you that not only is the Lotto Black Book a false winning system, the 60 day refund is not honored very often, so do not think if you buy the system and do not like it, you can simply just get a refund, not going to happen!

I along with many other people fell for the fake systems false advertising and had to find out the hard way, the system is just a very common useless bunch of nonsense. If a real Math Professor was responsible for this Lotto Black Book, he should be seriously ashamed at himself, luckily this is not the case, the real seller is just a common click bank marketer. People are reporting this system to the FTC and click bank as it is very fraudulent to fool people into thing they are getting a real winning system, instead of a system that has been around since the ice age. Take a look at the email below I receive when I inquired about the Lotto Black Book.

I’m Mr.Larry The Oklahoma Professor Who Gets Shot In The Foot AFTER Winning The Big Lotto Prize Three Times In A Row. I want you to know my secret how to win the lottery three times in a row……..To hear the whole story go to my website and listen to the video: “The Lottery Black Book” Is…a simple lotto system that can be played by anyone in any country with minimum money to invest. The first and still the only proven method that can make you a winner 5 out of 10 times. A step–by–step plan, so easy to understand and apply that even a 7 year–old kid can do it. Your ticket to a new life full of happiness and joy. Praised in hundreds of thank you letters I received from people all over the world.

This is the email I received after asking about the Lotto Black Book System. The person who calls himself Larry Blair did not answer many of my questions as, I would like to see real proof of some your big lottery winning tickets so I can verify they are real before I buy your system? No reply to that question, Why? It is because there are no real winning lottery tickets, all just a gimmick. I then asked to give me a few of these hundreds of peoples contacts (email address) who sent in thank you letters, so I could talk to them and verify this to be true. Once again, No reply to that question. I now knew this was all a big money making scheme, but still bought the system to see how it worked for this Lottery Black Book Review.

The Lotto Black Book system is really nothing special, all just bits and pieces of very common lottery strategies mixed together in a bunch of nonsense, very hard to understand, does not make good-sense at all. After testing the system for a couple of months, all I had to show for it was a small garbage can full of losing lottery tickets. The Lotto Black Book is actually worse than using lottery quick picks and those give very poor odds to win the lottery. Now for the real bad part of using this system. I asked for a full refund before the 60 days were up and was as expected denied!

There you have it, this is a real non-fake review on the Lotto Black Book system, I would never ever recommend this system to anyone. The Lotto Black Book has many good reviews to bad all of them are by affiliates and the actual seller of the system, so the Lotto Black Book is all show NO GO!

Seriously, if you want real top rated winning lottery systems that real lottery winners use and highly recommend, pick a system from the list below, these are true verified winning systems.

  • Lotto Guy System (Won best winning lottery system in by poll votes over 21 so-called top systems)
  • Smart Play System ( Second best winning system in the world and is very easy to use)
  • Gold Pyramid System ( Great system but hard to find as creator passed away)


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