Western Max is the Prairie Provinces and the Territories new 7/49 lottery game and draws are held every Friday. Western Max is basically the same as Lotto Max except the jackpot will go no higher than 2 Million dollars with odds of winning at 1: 28,633,528. As with Lotto Max, you most certainly need to use a well designed winning strategy if you are going to succeed at winning Western Max. We have seen some very good winning lottery systems working extremely well for playing Lotto Max and these same systems will no doubt work equally as well for winning Western Max. The top winning system that is very highly recommended is the Lotto Guy System, which has an outstanding winning track record for the Canadian Lottery Games. This system is your key winning strategy how to win Western max.

Now before you start to play Western max, you need to know more about the lotto game and how it works.

How to play WESTERN MAX by filling out the Selection Slip

  • Choose WESTERN MAX or Play Both, where you’ll receive the same Selection(s) on both WESTERN MAX and LOTTO MAX.
  • Select seven lotto numbers from a field of 1 to 49.  The Ticket Terminal also will add two additional Quick Pick Selections for each $2 board played you play.
  • You can Add up to five EXTRA numbers by marking “Yes” under each board you play.
  • Mark the number of draws you wish to play (one to 25)

The EXTRA number(s) is valid for the same draw date(s)

How To play Western Max:

  1. Play WESTERN MAX, or Play Both  WESTERN MAX and LOTTO MAX on your selection slip.
  2. If Ask for a Quick Pick the Ticket Terminal will choose your Selections for you.
  3. If you want to play the Extra Say “Yes” to add EXTRA and specify how many EXTRA numbers you want to ‘ENTER.
  4. Tell the Retailer how many draws you want to play.

About Western Max Draws:

  • WESTERN MAX draws are held every Friday.
  • Tickets can be purchased until 8:00 pm CT, 7:00 pm MT, and 6:00 pm PT on the date of the draw.
  • Western Max is available to play for people living in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

Odds Of Winning Western Max:

Match the numbers drawn to win Cash Prizes.

Match MAIN DRAW Prize Odds/$2 Play
7 of 7 Win or share $2 Million 1: 28,633,528
6 of 7+Bonus Win or share $100,000 1: 4,090,504
6 of 7 $1,000 1: 99,768.4
5 of 7 $100 1: 1,583.6
4 of 7 $10 1: 71.3
3 of 7+Bonus $10 1: 76.7
3 of 7 $2 1: 8.1


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