Ace Lee a known marketer and lottery system retailer, despite his usual exaggerated hype, we will give you an honest user review of his “Lottery Method”.  Ace Lee claims that all of his lottery systems as Lottery Circle, Lottery Method, How To Win Pick 6, How To Win pick 5, will clearly assist you in winning the lottery.  His flagship Lottery Circle System, as we have found out from many user reviews, does not work as advertised and amounts to nothing more than common past drawn lotto numbers found easily free online, so nothing special at all.

Ace Lee’s Lottery Method System, which advertised to work for pick 3, pick 4, pick 5 and pick 6 number lottery draws is touted as being created from ‘insider secrets’ from his over 5 years’ experience as a ‘Lottery Retailer’, which is a nice title for Store Clerk. I was once too a ‘Petroleum Transfer Agent’ or more commonly known as your neighbourhood gas jockey when I was a kid, that doesn’t make me an Oil and Gas expert. You can make up very impressive titles for something or someone that make it or them seem much more than they are, this is truly the case with Ace Lee, if that’s even his real name. Again, using ‘Ace’ to indicate he is the trump card or a very lucky guy.  As a ‘Lottery Retailer’ he may have talked to people as they bought their tickets and learned that some use a lucky combination of their own, but it is highly doubtful that he ever found out a mind-blowing secret from a lottery jackpot winner.

After examining Lottery Method System, a 200 page PDF eBook, it quickly appears to be a compilation of information that is obtained from the Internet for free. The eBook has been expanded from common knowledge lottery strategies and long winded, repetitive details, nothing special. To date, we have not found one lottery winner stating that they used this system or for that matter even his Lottery Circle Predication system. If he truly had an “Ace in the hole” with his secretly acquired information, surely one or two people would have come forward by now to give him the recognition he would deserve on lottery forums, blogs, websites etc, the only good reviews of this system are by Ace Lee. Sorry Ace, you may want to change your name to Shady.

We would also like to bring it to your attention that Ace Lee sells many other systems, not his own, as an affiliate and claims that they too will make you win the lottery more than ever before. Why would someone feel that they need to sell a competitors system? That’s a simple question to answer, because he truly doesn’t believe in his product and can’t produce evidence of winners from his customers.  Would you trust a doctor that had no patients?  I rest my case. I prescribe a healthy dose of Buyer Beware, as if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn’t.

In closing, I would like to share with you the lotto systems that are both highly recommended and respected by real users. The ‘Lotto Guy System’ won best lottery system for 2012 and 2013 by user poll votes. This system was developed by real techs using an enormous amount of data and analyzed in order to create a superior system that many claim is the best in the world. Then we have the ‘Smart Play System’, a highly respected lottery wheeling system that has many real lottery winners world-wide and then on a smaller degree we have Gail Howard’s Systems. Try one of these systems; they will bring you much better results than 99% of any of the other silly systems being sold, these are true Lottery Methods that win lotto!

Lottery Method

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