Most people have heard of a secret lottery system called The Lotto Black Book System, you know the one by Larry Blair Oklahoma Math Professor. Did you know this so-called secret Lotto Black Book lottery system was Not developed by an Oklahoma professor, but just an ordinary sneaky marketer. The lottery system it’s self is very silly and confusing to say the least, and get this, it costs a whopping $105.00 , now I believe the cost is more like $50 to obtain this silly useless e-book. 

Recently the Lotto Black Book was busted for having a huge amount of phony photo’s, phony cheques, phony testimonials and so on. Now get this, the sneaky marketers who sell this system have now put out a second sales page and have toned down the lies a little bit, but it is still a useless system. I wonder how many people have been tricked by these greedy marketers. 

I am sure you have seen all the so-called good Lotto Black Book System review, but did you know there are 30,000 affiliates also selling this system trying to earn commissions. This means many of those affiliates write false good reviews to sell the system, now you know the real truth! Remember if a lottery system is sold through places such as ClickBank it will have affiliates and is a very bad sign when it comes to gambling or lottery system products. 

Here is an excellent article that totally shows you (break the phony stuff down so you can see) all the false claims about the Lotto Black Book see HERE!  

We have warned people about this Lotto Black Book System and the usage of a phony professor scenario used to sell a system claimed to win lottery games, that actually has no real lottery winners, including the phony professor Larry Blair who created the system. To see actual proof of what others thought of the system, take a look at the latest best winning lottery system poll results. 

Official Best Winning Lotto Systems Poll Results!

Official Best Winning Lotto Systems Poll Results!

As you can plainly see, no real lottery winners voted for the Lotto Black Book System, as of course no people actually won using the system, at least not many. Silly systems as this Lotto Black Book are really a dime a dozen these days, you must use common sense when choosing a real lottery system to use. Does the system seem to good to be true, but yet no winners? Does the system have affiliates selling it, if yes, most likely not a real winning system. You simply cannot win lottery games with nonsense lottery systems, you may as well just play random lottery numbers, it will give you about the same results.

Do we recommend the Lotto Black Book System, No not at all, it has been proven a complete phony lottery system! Looking for real honest winning lottery systems? Go to this lottery system review site, they will show you proof of which systems really work and which systems do not work. Lottery Systems Reviews.

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  1. CommonSense says:

    Of course this Lotto Black Book is a waste and will never win you a single penny. Only a fool would believe such nonsense, shot in the leg for a lottery system? What a stupid ploy to use to sell a system, that should be a red flag telling you it’s a phony system. Think People!

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