Fake reviews are a serious problem for online businesses and manyincomstreams.com scam reviews site has been caught red handed posting fake reviews. Our examination found the majority of reviews on this manyincomestreams scam reviews site are nothing more than false, defamatory reviews which has already infuriated many. There is also evidence of fake comments being posted, mostly in regards to negative comments about programs being reviewed. This kind of nonsense is very serious and does indeed harm innocent programs and or businesses.

In the online world, it’s extremely easy to post a bad or negative review on a program, business or product. In the case of manyincomstreams.com review site there are also others reporting the review website is shady, posting mostly negative reviews on all programs that they have little to no interest in, yet giving great reviews on programs they do have an interest in. They actually try to sell you the affiliate type program they want you to buy, as of course it makes them money when you join. The other programs they bash and bad mouth are useless to them, as there is no money to be made from them in the form of commissions etc. That does not give the review site the go ahead to harm other programs with good names just so it gets your attention, then act like they are all so legit and will show you a great program you can make money with, of course it’s their money making program.

We investigated a few of the programs that they were implying were scams and what we found was they were in fact “Not Scams”, but legit good programs that many were using and have reported as good programs to use. We also found negative reviews that showed the reviewer did not even really know the program that was being reviewed. The descriptions of some programs were not even close to the actual program. We even found a program that we have used and know what it is all about, which did not fit the outline or description of that program posted as a negative review on manyincomestreams.com. We also had a few people try and post a good review on a program that they have used, or are using now and know is good, yet the review site reports it as a bad program or scam. Well guess what? The review site would not allow the good review to be posted, it just gets removed, which is a very clear indication the whole review site is blatantly bias. The pretending to be a legit scam review site looks to us as a big scam itself and is being run in a very unfair way. Posting misleading untruthful statements about any program, business and or products both by content and verbally causing it harm without 100 percent hard evidence, is nothing more than slanderous attacks.

There have been many cases in recent years of companies suing online reviewer’s for defamation or libel for posting spiked reviews – often very successfully. We absolutely hate fake review sites, they cause so much harm and damage and you all should be aware of this and pass this on to others so these disgusting dishonest review sites can be avoided and hopefully shut down. When you are trying your best to find new lottery systems and or products, it is essential that you only trust legit information on product reviews from legit review websites. It’s dishonest review websites like manyincomestreams.com that cause harm, confusion and issues for not only businesses but for you as well.


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