You are here as you want to know how to win the lottery and what actually works. To begin with, most lottery players are exposed to only one or two types of strategies to try and win lotto. The first is using self picked or basically random lottery numbers and the second is using lottery quick picks. Most people would think the lottery quick picks would be the better strategy of the two, but it is not! Actually just using random lottery numbers gives you a slight more edge or chance to win, so out of these two methods always use the better one.

Now lets move on to other very common lottery strategies used. Did you know some people think that if they pick their lottery winning numbers in a pattern on their tickets, will help increase there odds to win, how? This absolutely does not make sense. Also just picking birth-date numbers, home address numbers, ages, horoscope lottery numbers etc simply will not increase your odds to win the lottery at all! We found many lottery players using these above methods and revealed that they hardly ever won even very small lottery winnings, so why continue to play the same way, make a change, a smart change which is using real lottery winning strategies that do work, some of course much better than others.

Lottery software systems are a very popular system to use fast easy, but is it as effective as the creators of these systems claim? No! We have seen some of these systems claiming anywhere from 50% win rates to 98% win rates, all being totally jacked up so you buy it. The reality is, these past drawn numbers systems AKA hot and cold lottery numbers systems very rarely give you win rates over 2% which is better than using lottery quick picks or random numbers, but just by a little and all the info these systems give is found free online at lottery statistic websites for your lotto game.

Next we have lottery wheeling systems which are very good to use, but need to find real winning systems as most are actually junk or junk copy-cats. For these types of systems you need word of mouth of what is working and it cannot be from a seller ort an affiliate selling the system such as one from place as click bank. Then we have special systems as pattern analysis system that break down where winning lottery number fall into, great systems, but need to be real which costs lots and need tons of data and a way to analyze the data, so it has to be legit. The rest of the lotto strategies or systems fall into the odd ball systems group, really not worth using as will be silly made-up nonsense just to sell for a fast buck, avoid these at all costs.

Now the hard part is to actually find good system to use and play. You cannot try ever single system just to hopefully find a good one as there are about 40 or so systems, it would be very expensive and time consuming as each system really need to be test for 12-15 lotto draws. Instead of just saying here are the good system I believe work best, I will show you real proof of what other lottery players/winners recommend by their votes in the best winning lottery systems poll, see below. This is great as you can see for yourself which systems were voted first second third, forth and so on, you just choose! The winning system was Lotto Guy System followed by Smart Play and then Smart Luck, then Lottery Audit (Lotto Black Book is not recommended) You can Google any of these top systems to find them, I only give you the winning system as well, it won!

Lotto Guy System Wins Best Winning Lotto System

Lotto Guy System Wins Best Winning Lotto System


Lotto Black Book

Lotto Black Book

Seeing a real official lottery system poll is solid proof, you can then judge accordingly, but using shady tactics to sell systems as seen in this uncovered photo of Larry Blair, who is supposed to have been a professor that created the Lotto Black Book, but the person in the photo is really Michael Anderson, not a person named Larry Blair. The Lotto Black Book was caught red handed using fake claims and advertising has now since removed these photos and uses a video to sell, but still same shady system. I just wanted to point this out as I was asked why I always show this official poll, now you see why and there are many other misleading systems out there.

Using a real winning lottery system is much better than using old school strategy as random numbers. Will you win the lottery for sure using a system, no, but it most definitely will increase your chances to win and win more frequently so again the smarter way is always the way to play lotto!

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