To win the lotto with smart winning strategy is just common sense, but you have to know which smart strategy real lotto winners use! There is also a stupid way to try and win the lottery, you are most likely using this very common losing strategy. The smart way to win lotteries is by using a legit verified tested and proven lottery system, that is back by real lottery winners. The stupid way to try to win lotteries is with a useless lottery system, only created to make the seller money by promising huge fake win rates and showing you fake testimonials and fake guaranteed refunds. I will teach you how to tell the difference between these types of lotto system before you buy them and then realize what a big mistake you have just made.

This is a very and straight forward approach for telling the difference between a good and bad lottery system or what we call a lotto strategy. First off, if the lottery system sales page is a silly scenario such as a person has cracked a secret lotto code, or a person has stumbled upon a secret way to win the lotteries, or some MIT professor or mathematics genius has developed a secret system to win the lottery, you can pretty much assume this is a fake useless, non winning lotto system.

The next thing you should checkout is, if the lottery system you are looking to buy has affiliate sellers that can also sell the system for commission. If the system is sold through places as ClickBank for instance, it will have affiliates that can sell the system. This is very bad when it concerns lottery systems, why? For one, if a lottery system is as good as advertised the seller would be winning the lottery and making big money from their own system, they would not need affiliates to sell the system. Lottery systems that have affiliates selling them are only created to make money for the seller and affiliates, they do not win lottery games.  Also, systems with affiliates sellers can never be trusted for real reviews, as the affiliates will be writing good reviews on the system to ensure sales, even if the system is pure garbage, they will win, YOU WILL LOSE!

This is why we only recommend a few lottery systems that actually work well and have excellent lotto winning track records. Most lottery systems sold today are basically useless copies of other useless systems. This is repeated over and over again, so it would be wise to choose a lottery system that is legit and has no affiliates selling it, the top recommended systems are:

Smart Play Lotto Wheels  (Easy system to use highly recommended to all)

Lotto Guy Lottery System (Great system, but is a little harder to use)

Win Lotto Systems ( Not as good as the two systems above but has some good points and reviews, but does have affiliates selling, so the decision is up to you.) I will not give a link for this system as they are all affiliates, we are not affiliate sellers.

To have real success winning any pick 5 lotto or pick 6 lotto games like Powerball, Thunderball, UK Lotto, California Lottery,  Florida Lotto, New York Lottery, Texas Lotto, Georgia Lottery, Monday night Lotto, Mega Millions, Euro Millions, Fantasy 5, PA Lottery, Virginia Lottery and so on, you need the proper tools or what we call lotto strategies, that really Win The Lotto With Smart Winning Strategy by increasing your lotto odds to win for real lottery results, or you are really just wasting your money and time!


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