To win New York Lottery games as, New York Lotto, New York Take 5, New York Mega Millions, you need real winning tips to win big! Survey says, most people playing any of the New York lottery games only average a very small lottery winning every now and then. These same lottery players basically all use the same strategies to try and win the New York Lotto, this is one of their biggest mistakes and why they simply cannot win much. Strategy is everything playing the lottery, use crap strategy, get crap winning results.

The most common strategy new Yorkers use to try and win the lottery is plain old random lottery numbers, followed by birth-dates, horoscope lucky numbers, well you see what I mean, just numbers pulled out of thin air, no strategy here. Strategy is when you break down lotto number groups and or patterns, such as pattern analysis, past drawn number analysis, hot and cold numbers analysis, even over-due numbers. These are strategies that will win over using random lottery numbers or quick picks every time like clockwork, some work much better than others. So you have already learnt one huge lottery winning tips to hit New York Lottery Winning Numbers. Now you need to find a good successful winning strategy to use and stick with it!

The two best winning strategies or systems, that we can find backed up by real lottery winners, is shown below as proof to you, in the latest best winning lottery system poll official results. Click on the poll to open larger, so you can see which lottery systems real lottery winners voted on as being the best winning systems. I do care to read testimonials on systems as most are just fake, I do however know that polls are for real and provide you with solid proof of results.


Official Best Winning Lotto Systems Poll Results!

Official Best Winning Lotto Systems Poll Results!

To start boosting your odds to win the New York Lotto, you should be using one or more of the top rated systems according to the poll results. Legit Pattern analysis systems are very hard to find as you need huge amount of data, software to analysis the data and real experts to design a system, this is exactly what the first place winning system is and why the Lotto Guy Lottery System is now known world-wide as a very powerful, pure leverage win rate boosting system. If this system did not work well for a good percentage of users, it would not be backed with so many votes.

Also, we have a very good second place winning system already known for giving good wins for New York Lottery games. We like this Smart Play Lotto Wheels system as it is a no nonsense wheeling system, that also applies special win rate boosting strategy, so you are using three strategies in one, very smart system, very easy to use. These are the best of the best in re-guards to legit verified real winning systems, use them over your standard random lottery number strategy and doors open up, winning success come much more frequently.

Lets re-cap a little. You play the New York Lottery for years, but why aren’t you a big winner yet? Are you playing the New York Lotto in a old fashion manner using random or self picked lottery numbers? Or possibly even using a system that you thought was for real, but now know it was just hype! All that is in the past, play smarter you now have the evidence of which systems or strategies are actually winning lottery games. Pick one of these strategies or more and stick with it, also play consistently and watch your lottery winnings jump big time in 2-4 months of using a real strategy, that is How You Win The New York Lottery!!


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