When you check your Texas Lottery Game Results are you a winner or a loser most of the time? I’ll bet you are always loser, only hitting a winning lottery draw once in a blue moon right? What if I told you there are better ways to play the Texas Lottery games as, Texas Powerball, Texas Mega Million, Texas Lotto, Texas Cash 5 and your chances or odds to win would be much higher than now, Interested? I thought so.

The correct way to play and up your chances to win the Texas Lottery games, is all in the strategy you use to pick your Texas Lotto winning lottery numbers. If you play lets say Texas Lotto and you choose all your lottery numbers by random, you will have an extremely poor chance to win. If you choose your lottery numbers by past winning lottery number statistics or what we call past drawn numbers, you will slightly increase your chances to win the Texas Lotto game, but only slightly. There are many past drawn lottery number systems, also called lotto software systems, that claim to give you big win rates using their system, sorry these systems will not increase your odds to win anymore than using the past winning lottery numbers yourself. These software systems get the same data from official Texas lottery statistic websites for free, same as you can do and then they just sell it to you. What you need to use is a verified true winning system that real Texas Lottery winners use to win, so how do you locate these systems that really work?

To locate the real winning Texas Lottery systems you need to do an in-depth search, which takes many hours of reviewing all lottery forums, lottery blogs and websites, Texas lottery news and so on. Most people will not do this as it is very time consuming, luckily for you we did the hard work and have found and will reveal the best winning strategies for the Texas Lottery games so people do not have to waste their time and money with useless systems or strategies that will get them no where fast!

Now for the good stuff! We found during our research the two top winning systems used by real Texas Lottery winners.

  1. The Lotto Guy System, which actually won best winning lottery system in 2012 and 2013 and all reports say works very well for playing the Texas Lottery games.
  2. Smart Play Lotto Wheels System, which is a must have lottery wheeling system many have reported as an excellent winning system.

These were the top two systems being recommended to use my the majority of Texas Lottery players. If you are not having much luck playing games as Texas Lotto or Texas Cash 5, you may want to consider changing the way you play to more powerful winning strategy now that you have the inside scoop! There are solutions that will increase your odds to win, you just have to use them and stick with them to get the winning advantage more on your side.

I just gave you a solid plan to up your success rate to hit Texas Lottery Winning Numbers and reduce the amount of weekly losing lottery tickets that are building up in your trash can, so take advantage of this hard to find information and play the Texas Lottery games more wisely!

Lotto Guy Lottery System Two Month Test

Lotto Guy Lottery System Poll Results

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